Espresso Brown & Tan Interior Everest Watch Roll For 3 Watches

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Vintage Brown & Tan Interior Everest Watch Roll For 3 Watches

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Transport and store your watches in a way that keeps them safe.

The Everest watch roll combines fine craftsmanship and technology. This results in a pristinely handcrafted watch roll that features a flat base which allows for secure placement on any hard surface. Furthermore,  the interior is made in a soft material for maximum protection against scratches with three interior removable watch pillows for easy access. The case provides maximum protection against damage since the case has individual compartments that float inside the watch roll. Each watch pillow is set on rails that slide easily in and out of the watch compartment.

The exterior is made of naturally tanned calf leather and each edge is classically finished in a French style. The case is secured via four external snap closures for safety against jostling.

Rail system

The Everest watch roll rail sliding system allows the watch pillow to easily slide in and completely out of the watch roll without compromising the structural core of the roll. The three watch holders can be used with any type or size of watch, with any type of bracelet or watch strap. The rail sliding ensures your watches aren’t going anywhere except for one direction, which is locked when the external snap closures are closed.

Display or travel

A watch roll is a must-have in every watch collector’s possession. The watch roll is the perfect way of traveling with your watches, but it can equally be used to beautifully display your collected timepieces or to be used for storing your watches.

store them in a drawer. When you travel for luxury or business, having your multiple timepieces securely traveling alongside you allows you to be prepared for any occasion. The Everest Watch Roll is the perfect solution.