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Rolex Chromalight: What is it and How Does it Glow

Rolex Submariner 114060

Wristwatches are complex things. And while the concept of wristwatches is more than a hundred years old, this time has allowed them to be innovated and improved for accuracy, reliability, and quality.

Some of the world’s most famous watch brands have, in particular, pushed really hard on innovating everything from materials to the movements, to the design, all to make better timepieces.

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Rolex Logo: The Complete History

Rolex Logo

Rolex is arguably the world’s most recognized and well-known luxury watch brand in the world.

Known across the world for its prestigious and luxury timepieces, there’s a general idea among many that if you have ”made it”, and succeeded in life, you own a Rolex.

No matter how you view Rolex, whether it is a luxury item of extreme precision and perfection that you can appreciate for its fine craftsmanship, or it is a symbol of success, Rolex is a brand that has a long and interesting history.

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Tudor Watch History: A Complete Guide

Tudor watches

Are you here to learn more about the Tudor watch history? You’re at the right place.

Known by some as the ”Poor man’s Rolex”, known by others as a watch brand that makes watches that offer great value for money. Both because of their high quality, their reliability, but also because they allow you to wear a watch that has a long, rich, and interesting heritage, but at a fraction of the price of watches from brands that carry the same history.

It is hardly a secret by now, but Tudor is owned by Rolex. This is the reason why Tudor long has had the label ”poor man’s Rolex”. A cheaper alternative for people who want a Rolex but simply cannot afford one. But we would argue (and most people who know what Tudor is), that this is not true.

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How Much Does a new Rolex Submariner Cost?

Rolex Submariner 116610LN

How much does a new Rolex Submariner cost?

If you are looking for the answer to that question, you have come to the right place.

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic and distinct watch models from Rolex. Not only does it have historical importance, as it was released as one of the first dive watches in the 1950s, it has also come to become the design ideals for a dive watch.

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Rolex Hulk: Rolex Submariner 116610LV Guide

Rolex Submariner 116610LV

The model number of the Rolex hulk is 116610LV. The full model name is Rolex Submariner 116610, and the fact is that the name ”Hulk” has never been used by Rolex themselves, but rather by collectors who have seen similarities between the green dial and green bezel, with the Hulk.

In this article, we’re going in-depth on the hulk Rolex Submariner, which is perhaps the most unique and bold Rolex Submariner timepiece.

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Millenary Watches Now Accepting Card Payments!

PayEx Millenary Watches

Millenary Watches is happy to announce that we now accept card payments.

In offering our credit card payment alternative, we have partnered up with PayEx to offer smooth and secure 3D Payments using Visa and MasterCard.

You can now purchase through our website using your credit or debit card, which not only ensures a safe transaction but also speeds up the purchase process.

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Rolex Materials – A Complete Guide

Rolex 904L steel

Rolex is one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world, known for its perfection, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship.

Uncompromising is a word that resembles Rolex very well as it is true for everything they do.

But the making of the watch is not only the assembly of parts. Something that is as crucial as the assembly of the movement or the assembly of the case is the materials of which the watch is made of.

And considering Rolex’s uncompromising mindset, you can expect that they satisfy with nothing but perfection when it comes to the use of materials for Rolex watches.

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