Rolex Discontinued Models 2023 [Complete List]

Rolex discontinued watches 2023

Rolex Discontinued Models 2023 [Complete List]

Once a year, Rolex announces its new models for the year. The time when watch brands present their novelties for the year is one of the most hyped and anticipated events of the year and Rolex certainly stands out amongst all of the watch brands in terms of the level of engagement and interest there is in Rolex’s new models.

But just as people can’t wait to find out which new models Rolex has released, a lot of people are also curious to learn about which models Rolex has discontinued.

When it comes to new Rolex models, it’s often out with the old and in with the new. Meaning, if Rolex presents a new model, it replaces the predecessor. However, that is not always the case. Most of Rolex’s releases tend to be variations of existing models that are introduced to an existing collection. When a new model replaces an existing model is when Rolex moves from one generation of a model to another, for example, by fitting it with a new-generation caliber and giving it a new reference number. 

However, sometimes, Rolex discontinues watches out of the blue even if they have no watch to replace them. Generally speaking, various dial options tend to be what Rolex discontinues most frequently unless there’s a huge model upgrade. So, for example, they may discontinue a particular Datejust dial but the model itself will remain in production just with the remaining dial options. And on the same token, Rolex also often introduces new dial variations as well.

One of the reasons why there’s such interest in the discontinued Rolex models is that the prices for these watches sometimes tend to go through the roof as they are discontinued. When people find out that they are discontinued and no longer in production, they quickly begin looking to buy one as they know finding one later will become increasingly difficult. When a lot of people do this, it tends to drive prices up and make these discontinued watches even more sought-after and difficult to find.

Below, we have compiled a complete list of discontinued Rolex models for 2023.

Rolex discontinued watches 2023 list

  • Daytona 116503
  • Daytona 116508
  • Daytona 116509
  • Daytona 116505
  • Daytona 116506
  • Daytona 116519LN
  • Daytona 116518LN
  • Daytona 116515LN
  • Daytona 116500LN
  • Cellini Moonphase 50535
  • Sky-Dweller  326239
  • Sky-Dweller  326238
  • Sky-Dweller  326235
  • Sky-Dweller  326934
  • Sky-Dweller  326935
  • Sky-Dweller  326938
  • Sky-Dweller  326939
  • Sky-Dweller 326933
  • Sky-Dweller special edition meteorite dial baguette-set 326959TBR
  • Sky-Dweller special edition meteorite dial baguette-set Oysterflex 326259TBR
  • Milgauss 116400GV

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