Best Watch Demagnetizers to Demagnetize Your Watch

Best Watch Demagnetizers – How to Demagnetize your Watch

A mechanical watch can consist of hundreds of parts. These parts are then carefully assembled in order to create a movement that works to perfection. If you think about this, the mechanical watch is an impressive piece of craftsmanship, to say the least. A mechanical watch can continue working for years and years without the need for any service or care.

But with that said, there are outer factors that can affect a watch’s accuracy. The first is, of course, shocks, drops, and extreme temperatures. Another factor that can affect a watch’s accuracy, which is often neglected, is magnetism.

Since your mechanical movement consists of hundreds of metal parts, including wheels, bridges, springs, hairsprings, and much more, magnetic fields can interfere with the accuracy of the watch.

The issue is that today, we are in constant contact with magnets. Computers, phones, and other technological instruments that we are in frequent contact with in our daily lives can reach your watch and have a negative impact on its accuracy. The most common effect of a magnetic field on a watch is that it starts to run too fast. What often happens when a watch is magnetized is that the individual coils stick together, which results in the shortening of the spring and thereby speeding up the watch.

When a watch is subject to magnetic fields, it can become magnetized.

The good news about all of this is that there is an easy and affordable fix to demagnetize your watch. You don’t need to pay up hundreds of dollars to have the watch serviced. Instead, this can be resolved with the help of a demagnetizer. Watch demagnetizers are cheap to buy and can demagnetize your watch in just a few seconds. Whilst many new watchmaking innovations and solutions have been invented in recent decades to improve the anti-magnetic properties of watches, essentially all watches can become magnetised if they are subject to great enough magnet fields.

With that said, all mechanical watches can become magnetized. One step is obviously being careful with where you use your watch, but that is not always possible since there are magnets in so many places behind you.

It is possible to take your watch to a watchmaker to demagnetize it, but when the process is so simple, and the demagnetizers are, in general, very affordable, it can be wise to have one at home so that you can easily and quickly demagnetize your watch whenever you need to.

How to use a demagnetizer

The process of using a demagnetizer to demagnetize your watch is simple and very straightforward. 

To use it, simply pass the watch back and forth over the device to remove the magnetic field thereby returning operation to normal. Each device of course also comes with a straightforward using guide.

Below, we list some of the most popular demagnetizers.

Best watch demagnetizers

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Basic watch demagnetizer

This is the cheapest and most basic watch demagnetizer on the market. This is the demagnetizer most people opt for as it does the job. It can, apart from your watch, be used for your watch tools in order to avoid working on a watch with magnetized tools.

Basic watch demagnetizer


Professional Watch Demagnetizer

This is a generic watch magnetizer tool that will get the job done. It is powerful and compact and can be used for watch movements and tools.

Professional Watch Demagnetizer


TUXI Professional Watch Demagnetizer

Lastly, this is another great watch demagnetizer that can be used for watches – both mechanical and quartz, as well as other small appliances.

To use it, put the magnetized watch in the degaussing area 3-4 cm above and press the red button for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the process if necessary to achieve the desired result.

TUXI Professional Watch Demagnetizer



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