Top 9 Best Watchmaker Tweezers [List & Guide]

Best Watchmaker Tweezers

A professional watchmaker needs a large number of different tools in order to be able to work on a wide array of watches and parts inside them. In particular of course, the movement.

The most central part of a watchmaker’s role is the assembly and reassembly of a movement. This is most often done when the movement is serviced. If a specific part of a movement has been damaged, broken, or worn out, the movement may not need to be disassembled completely. This is especially true if you are working on your watch yourself, more as a hobby, as you decide how much or how little work is done to the movement.

One of the most important tools in watchmaking when working on a movement is watchmaker tweezers. Watchmaker’s tweezers are used to grip, remove, or reassemble the small and delicate parts of the movement. Watch parts can be extremely small, and therefore, a tweezer is the best tool for the job. Both to allow maximum grip, but also to avoid damaging the rest of the movement. With the right tweezers, you can achieve great precision. And as you know, watches are all about precision.

Watchmaker tweezers are small and have pointy tips. But if you are on the hunt for a watchmaker tweezer, you may have found that there are countless tweezers on the market, made in different shapes, and naturally also made for different purposes.

In this article, we share some of the best watchmaker tweezers on the market.

To think about when buying watchmaker tweezers

Buying watchmaker tweezers is not a very complicated process. In fact, it’s actually quite straightforward. There’s not a lot of specifications and differences in functionality that you need to think about. However, there are some things to keep in mind. The most important things to think about are:

  • Material
  • Magnetism
  • Shape
  • Purpose
  • Quality

Watchmaker’s tweezers are normally made in either plastic or metal. Both of these materials have their pros and cons. Naturally, metal is more robust and durable, but if you are not careful, you may scratch the item you are working on. On the contrary, plastic tweezers are much more gentle and minimize the risk of scratching the movement. It is also important that they are anti-magnetic, and plastic tweezers are. Metal tweezers, on the other hand, may not always be anti-magnetic, but most of them are treated and made in an appropriate material that makes them non-magnetic.

Another factor you should take into consideration is the shape and design. Different tweezers have different tip designs that make them suitable for different usage areas. With that said, it is convenient to have a set of different tweezers so that you can choose the one that is most suitable and appropriate for the task.

Best watchmaker tweezers

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Wiha 44593 ESD Safe Tweezers Set 10-Piece

As mentioned, there are many different tweezers made in many different shapes and forms. With that said, depending on what you are going to do, and which watch you are working on, it can be a good idea to have a selection of several different tweezers. This is why this 10-piece tweezer set from Wiha is a great choice.

This set includes 10 different tweezers which are ESD, Safe Hypo-Allergenic, Anti – Magnetic, and Acid Resistant.

The tweezers included in this set are universal fine point (130mm), flat round (120mm), fine round point, fine round shorter (110mm), fine tapered, curved extra fine (120mm), long rounded, curved extra-fine, extra-fine bent 30° (107mm), 40°, which is tapered to tip very fine point. With 10 tweezers of different shapes and forms, you are sure to have tweezers for all usage areas and purposes.

For easy storage and transportation, the tweezers are delivered in a metal storage box.

Wiha 44593 ESD Safe Tweezers Set 10-Piece


Aven 18475USA 6 Piece Technik Precision Tweezer Set, Stainless Steel

This is another tweezer set, which includes 6 different tweezers. The tweezers are made in anti-magnetic and anti-acid stainless steel. The tweezers included have tweezers pattern AA-SA, OO-SA, OOD-SA, 3C-SA, 5-SA, and 7-SA.

Aven 18475USA 6 Piece Technik Precision Tweezer Set, Stainless Steel


Genuine Dumont High-tech Matte Finish Tweezers

This Dumont high-tech watchmaker tweezer is made from raw steel and is anti-magnetic. It is 4-3/4 inches (120 millimeters) long and a great universal tool for many different usage areas. Dumont is a brand that is well-known for its products, which usually receive high ratings.

Genuine Dumont High-tech Matte Finish Tweezers, Anti-Magnetic, Style 3amazon

KNIPEX Tools – Precision Tweezers

This Knipex precision tweezer is made in Germany and can be used for a wide range of usage areas. It is a great universal tweezer for anyone who is not in need of a full tweezer set.

KNIPEX Tools - Precision Tweezers


Precision Tweezers Set, ATMOKO 12 PCS ESD Tweezer Set

This 12 piece tweezer set is made to include every type of tweezer you may need when working on a watch, or with other delicate parts, for that matter.

The set includes straight pointed tips, curved tips, and flat tips for different purposes. They are made in high-quality stainless steel which has been traded with anti-static and non-magnetic paint on the surface, as well as acid-base protection.

This is a great beginner’s kit for anyone who is looking to establish their skills and work on their watch.

Precision Tweezers Set, ATMOKO 12 PCS ESD Tweezer Set


Bergeon 55-043 Plastic Tweezers

Bergeon is the most well-known and respected manufacturer of watchmaker tools, which means you can always expect high-quality products.

The tweezers are made in plastic which is great for preventing scratches or damaging the movement. Since it is made in plastic, it is particularly made for replacing batteries, but can also be used for other areas as well.

Generally, you don’t want to use a metal tweezer when replacing the battery, so having a plastic tweezer in your collection of watchmaking tools is a great idea.

Bergeon 55-043 Plastic Tweezersamazon

Bergeon 7024-AA Stainless Steel Watchmakers Tweezers 120 mm

Another pair of tweezers from Bergeon is the 7024-A. As always, you can expect a quality product that has great quality and long-lasting durability.

The tweezer is 120mm.

Bergeon 7024-AA Stainless Steel Watchmakers Tweezers 120 mm


Genuine Dumont High-tech Matte Finish Tweezers

The Dumont watchmaker tweezer is an anti-magnetic tweezer made from fine raw steel with a length of 110mm. It has very narrow tips which allow for good access and grip of small objects.


Wiha 44501 Stainless Steel Fine Point Precision Tweezer

If you want to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting watchmaker tweezer with great precision, this is a great choice. It is made with a universal fine point and has a length of 130mm. The tweezer is static dissipative, ESD Safe hypoallergenic made in Vommaloy. This is special stainless steel that is anti-magnetic and acid-resistant.


Choosing watchmaker’s tweezers- buyer’s guide

As discussed, there are a number of things you want to take into consideration when choosing a tweezer because not all of them are created equal.


First off, you want to consider the size of the tweezer – mainly the size of the tip. When you work with tiny, delicate objects like screws, it will be more convenient to have a small tweezer that makes it easy to grip them. On the other hand, if you are working on larger objects, like removing the mainspring, it is likely more practical to have a larger tweezer that makes it easier to grip it. Because you will likely need different sizes, it is therefore practical to buy a set of tweezers rather than buying them one by one. This will allow you to select the best tweezer for each task and area.


One of the most important things to consider when buying tweezers for watches is the material in which it is made in. The most common materials are titanium, hypoallergenic or special steel, and plastic. Some are also made in brass.

You want to make sure that the tweezer is either made in a non-magnetic material or a material that has been treated in a way that does subject the watch to magnetism since this can have a negative effect on the movement. Furthermore, with some parts, it may be better to use a plastic tweezer to avoid scratching and damaging the watch, but in other cases, you may need a more robust tweezer to get the job done.

Shape and tip design

As you can see, the shape and tip design can vary depending on which tweezers you opt for. Usually, the tips are adapted for specific usage areas which means some tip styles may be better for some areas than others. If you work with tiny objects, you not only need a small tweezer but also a tweezer with tips that are made specifically to be used for small parts.


As mentioned earlier, not all tweezers are made equal. And unlike what many people think, there is actually a big difference in the quality betweeen them. A general guideline is that the higher the price, the better the quality. It is not always true, but for the most part. The tweezers with better quality will not only last longer but in general also offer greater precision. This is usually well worth the investment as it can help you avoid damaging or scratching your watch.

How to use watch tweezers

The fact is that you don’t have to be a professional watchmaker to use (or even need) tweezers. One of the most common areas in which tweezers are used is for battery replacements. For batter replacements, it is best to use a plastic tweezer to remove the battery from the watch.

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