Top 10 Best Watch Safes (For all Budgets)

Rapport London Securita Safe

Top 10 Best watch safes (For all Budgets)

Luxury objects tend to be expensive, for natural reasons. So of course, you want to protect the things you own. When it comes to watches, the best way to protect them is with a safe. Regardless if you have very expensive watches or more affordable timepieces, it is a good idea to keep them protected with a safe.

Having a safe prevents the wrong people – invited or not – from being tempted to stealing your watches. Most watches can be replaced, but that is not the case for all. A valued heirloom, a commemorative watch, or a super rare vintage timepiece are all irreplaceable – regardless of their monetary value.

With that said, having a safe will bring you peace of mind that your beloved watches are safe and secure.

Top best watch safes

There are countless of watch safes on the market. Large, small, expensive, cheap, and everything in between. Finding a safe can be really overwhelming with so much to choose from. Which should you choose?

Below, we have listed some great watch safes for all budgets, but before we go into detail about them, let’s look at the most important factors you should consider when choosing a watch safe.


There are watch safes of all types of sizes. From a small safety deposit box to enormous safes taller than yourself. Think about how big you’re safe needs to be, and perhaps, where you are going to place it so you know how big it can be.

Of course, the larger a safe is, the more safety it tends to offer. This isn’t necessarily the case, as it also depends on the manufacturer and quality, but generally speaking, it is true. The size is not only relevant for where you will be placing it, but also for what you will store inside. If you have a lot of watches and perhaps other valuables, you naturally need a big safe. If you only have a few watches, the safe doesn’t need to be that big for that reason, but perhaps for the reason of safety.


A watch safe weighs a lot. Both because it needs to be robust, but also because it makes it more difficult to remove and move. The ”issue” with a heavy watch safe is of course that it can be a challenge to install it. A common watch safe can weigh between 200 and 800 kilos, so it’s safe to say it’s not an easy task moving it. Consider how heavy your watch safe can be. Both from a standpoint of where you can place it, but also from a standpoint of moving it. Also, a tip is to not choose a small and portable-sized safe, because at worst, they may not do the job of keeping your watches safe, as they could be carried away. The heavier the safe, the safer it is, but at the same time, it becomes less practical. But after all, a safe is not meant to be practical. Therefore, find your limit in terms of weight and what you consider reasonable.


The style and design of your safe are something that is definitely worth considering. This depends on how and where you will use your safe. Some people only want their safe to keep the watches protected and nothing else. If that is the case, you may place your watch safe in a closet or in your basement where you aren’t going to see it.

On the contrary, others want their safe to be a part of their interior design, and in these instances, the design and look of the safe are very important. Not only should you keep the security of your watches in mind, but also the design so that it looks great with your overall house styling. Buying a watch safe that is meant to also be an interior detail can be a good idea because otherwise, your watch safe will just be in the way. Making it an interior detail will give it two benefits – it will look great, but it will also serve a purpose.

Naturally, a styled and designed watch safe will be more expensive than those that are generic and which have not been made to be beautiful. So consider if you are prepared to pay the extra cost for that.


An important factor to consider when looking for a watch safe is the cost. A safe is generally not cheap, and if you want a higher-end safe that is both larger and more beautiful, it can cost you upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. There are even watch safes for millions of dollars, but those are not what we will focus on here.

If you have an idea of your budget, you will quite quickly get an understanding of what your budget has room for in terms of size.


Since you are going to store watches inside your safe, you need to consider the inside as well. There are many safes specially made for watches, which thus have soft linings and watch holders inside. The most expensive ones also have built-in winders, but with these, you enter territory where the safe itself cost far more than most people’s watches (but if this is something for you, we would be more than happy to guide you).

Otherwise, most watch safes will just have a few shelves on which you can place your items. Depending on how large your safe is, you may be able to put in a watch winder. Most common is that people have their watches in a case or box which gives a good overview and easy access, but also keeps them protected.

Best watch safes for all budgets

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Below, we list the best watch safes for all budgets, of a wide range of sizes and designs.

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe .83 CF

This is an electronic wall safe and an option if you are looking for a safe that can be mounted inside a wall. The wall-mounting makes it easier to conceal and can be fitted into a vacation home, office, or your regular home. Not only is it safe and protective, but it can also be hidden, for example behind a painting, picture, or inside a closet.

With this safe, you have two options to open – either with a code or key. It is constructed with 1/8″ thick solid steel to resist outside force and protect your watches. It comes with pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts which allow for anchoring. 

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe .83 CF for Large Jewelry Security-Paragon Lock & Safe

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe .83 CF for Large Jewelry Security-Paragon Lock & Safe

Cheopz Safe Watch Winder Box for 12 Automatic Watches

This Cheopz safe is the ultimate safe for any watch enthusiast. It is not a standard safe but also has a built-in watch winder so you can keep your automatic watches running inside the safe. This safe removes the need of having a winder and safe separately or placing your winder inside a safe. The winder has room for 12 watches.

To keep them safe, it is made in solid steel with an explosion-proof window. The window is made in 18mm explosion-proof glass, which is great as it enables you to see the timepieces inside, but with no safety concern.

The winder is operated via an LCD touch-screen display on the door.

The winder includes mounting Expansion Bolt( M6*80mm) x 2pcs.

Unlike most watch safes, this one actually looks quite nice which means you can have it displayed in your home if you want. For further safety, the safe has an intelligent detector alarm system that triggers when security is being breached. You can set the alarm sensitivity level between 1-5 and turn it on or off.

To prevent outside force, the door has dual door locking bolts & a pry-resistant hinge bar and two 1 inch steel locking bolts, and a pry-resistant hinge bar to provide multi-protection against any attacks.

It is possible to mount the safe to the wall or floor with pre-drilled holes in the safe, and steel bolts are included.

Cheopz Safe Watch Winder Box for 12 Watches

Cheopz Safe Watch Winder Box for 12 Automatic Watches with Dual Digital & Card Key Lock Security

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

This Amazon Basics safe is made by Amazon and will keep your watches and valuables safe. But apart from that, the safe is rather basic. It is a 2.1-cubic-foot fire-resistant safe that protects against theft and fire. According to Amazon, it complies with the modified UL 72 Standard for Safety Tests for Fire Resistance of Record Protection Equipment. This means resisting 20 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a 14-gauge heavy-duty steel body construction and is built with 5 large 0.75-inch bolts and 14-gauge steel body construction for security.

The safe has an electronic keypad with which you can easily open the safe, but it also includes a backup key for emergency use.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

Ablea Electronic Digital Fingerprint Security Safe

The Ablea Electronic digital fingerprint safe is opened as the name suggests, with artificial intelligence and fingerprint recognition. It can store up to 30 fingerprints, but also comes with 1 spare key. The screen also has a date display function.

The best part about this safe is that the outer frame is made of wood which makes it a nice interior detail if you want to keep it displayed and not hidden in your home. At the same time, the inner cabinet is made in all steel and with a thickened door panel and sheet metal craft, to keep your valuables protected and safe.

The locking mechanism has an automatic error code vibration alarm, so if the code is entered incorrectly3 consecutive times, or if the safe is subjected to external force, it will alarm. Lastly, it has a thickened anti-drill solid door panel with a laser integrated cutting micro-door seam which makes it highly secure.

Ablea Electronic Digital Fingerprint Security Safe

Ablea Electronic Digital Fingerprint Security Safe

Password Safe Household Small Safe Office

This safe is a good alternative for your watches. It has high-quality movable door bolts and tamper-resistant hidden hinges. It can be opened with a password, and after three wrong passwords, it will automatically alert for an additional level of safety. The door is 6mm thick to provide optimum safety.

The electronic password unlock and key system allows you to both open the safe with a code or with a set of two spare keys which is included.

Password Safe Household Small Safe OfficePassword Safe Household Small Safe Office

In-Wall Safe Deposit Box Home Safe Office Fingerprint

This in-wall safe deposit box is one of the smaller safes on this list but still built to provide great safety. It is made of solid steel and has 6mm thick steel doors.

It has double protection with an electronic password+key. The hidden keyholes make it difficult to find the opening for those that shouldn’t have access.

Thanks to its convenient size, it can fit in many places. It can also be wall-mounted or stored inside a cabinet.

It is also made to be built into the wall so you can keep it hidden.

In-Wall Safe Deposit Box Home Safe Office Fingerprint

In-Wall Safe Deposit Box Home Safe Office Fingerprint

Safe with Medium Fingerprint

This safe has a solid door panel with a 32MM diamond lock bolt with a solid core diamond lock bolt made of alloy steel. Thanks to this, safety is greatly improved. It is equipped with a digital screen for opening, and when the wrong password fingerprint is entered more than 3 times, or the cabinet is strongly shaken and subject to outside force, high decibels will be issued to deter any thieves.

The storage box is made of 5 layers of high-quality cold-rolled low-carbon alloy steel.

Safe with Medium Fingerprint

Safe with Medium Fingerprint

Rapport London Securita Safe

Rapport is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of watch-related accessories, mainly watch winders and watch cases.

Rapport London has incorporated this expertise into a watch safe and presents a safe made especially for storing watches. The safe incorporates a quad watch winder and combines this with the security from the safe. We love these types of safes as they bring the best of both worlds for watch enthusiasts.

Thanks to the winder, you can keep your automatic watches running, whilst keeping them safe.

The safe has an electronic combination lock and the interior watch winder has an LCD control panel with which you set the winder settings.

Rapport London Securita Safe

Rapport London Securita Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality safes. This particular safe is fireproof and ELT Verified to endure 1/2 hour at 1400°F to protect your valuables not only from theft but from fire. In addition, it is also waterproof and verified for 72 hours of protection in water up to 12 inches. Of course, it won’t be an issue if your collection consists of durable dive watches, but it is still an important feature for many other watches or valuables you may keep in your safe.

The safe allows you to set your own digital combination. For better safety, it has five locking bolts and four deadbolts. The safe is also made in solid steel construction with bolt-down hardware, and a thicker door.

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fireproof Safe

Another safe from SentrySafe is the SFW205gqc. This is a fireproof safe classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe during this period. It is also verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep.

Like the other safe, it allows you to set your own digital combination but also has a secondary locking key for strong security.

The digital combination is set with a 1-8 digit code. A great feature is the secondary locking key gives you the ability to disable the primary lock, even if other people know the combination or access code.

The door is equipped with six live-locking bolts and steel construction with a pry-resistant hinge bar. For better organization, it has a drawer and file organizer. 

For better accessibility, it has an interior light, which is uncommon for safes.

The safe has also been drop-tested, so if the floor beneath burns through, the safe can handle a 15 ft. drop.

SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fireproof Safe


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