Return Policy

We are certain that you will be satisfied with your new timepiece, but in the event that you’re not satisfied, we offer a 14-day return policy according to European law.

For domestic orders, we will honor returns according to the Swedish Distance Contracts act for private clients.

For international orders, we will honor returns according to the Swedish Distance Contracts act/EU directive. Do note that returns only apply to customers within EU and private clients only.

Please note that the European Consumer Rights Directive does not apply for clients based outside the EU.

We put great effort into accurately and honestly portraying the watches that we sell, and making sure that the watch is presented in a truthful way that accurately reflects the condition that we send it in. Do note that it’s beyond our control of how the courier handles the package during shipping.

Returns can be requested within 14 days of the date on which the watch was received.  A request for return has to be made to us within 14 days from which the watch is sent shall you wish to return it. If the last day for a return falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Swedish bank holiday, the right to return your item is extended until the following working day. The watch needs to be returned in the identical condition that it was in when we sent it to you, and all other accessories such as booklets, brochures, and warranty cards need to follow with the returned watch and be in the same condition that they were when dispatched from us. We take detailed images right before packing and shipping your watch, and keep a record of these images to compare the returned product. The product may not have been used, and any and all potential original stickers and protection needs to be present.

Shall the watch or accessories not be in the condition that they were sent from us, we cannot accept a return. If this is the case, we will return the watch to the address you filled in when ordering it, and you will be subject to pay for the shipping. Do note that we cannot be held responsible for any customs or taxes that may appear upon this return.

If you want to return your purchase, you are responsible for the return of the item. It is up to you how you want to return the item, however, you are responsible for the watch until it reaches us. Therefore, we recommend that you use insured shipping for the full value of the watch, because should the watch get lost, you are responsible for this loss according to Swedish law, even during shipping. As such, shall the watch get lost, we will keep the money and will not be able to offer a refund.

Shall you wish to return a watch after the 14 days have expired, a refund cannot be accepted unless the watch is faulty. In the unlikely event, that the watch is faulty, please refer to our guarantees page. If you can you prove that the item is faulty, we are responsible for the return shipping according to the law. According to Swedish law, only unnoticed faults that existed pre-receiving your watch can be subject to complain. This means that the watch should be faulty before the purchase, even if the fault shows up later. Faults that appear within 6 months are considered to be “original”. After 6 months, the consumer is responsible for proving that the fault existed before the watch was purchased.

Before returning the watch, you need to have gotten a confirmation from us. From the date of which the confirmation has been sent from us, the watch has to be shipped within 3 days (72 hours). From the date of confirmation for a return, we allow up to 7 days for receiving the item. Shall we not receive the item within 7 (seven) days, we cannot accept a refund.

To request a return, kindly email with the subject ”Request for return”. We will send you further instructions if your order is eligible for a return.

We will process the refund of the full payment sum once we have received the watch and confirmed that it is in the correct condition. The refund will be made within 7 (seven) bank days from confirmation, but do note that it may take additional days for the bank to transfer any money to your account. Holidays and other non-bank days can affect the time it takes for the refund to be processed by the bank.

Do note that we are not responsible for the return shipping, nor any taxes or customs that may appear shall you return the watch from a country outside of the European Union. Shall you return a watch and customs/costs for taxes appear upon return, we will take this cost from your payment price before refunding you the rest of the money.

We will not accept returns of items that have been damaged or broken as a result of misuse, accidents, or neglect. All watches are shipped out from us in the described condition and in working order. In case you want to have a look at the movement inside a watch, it must be done by a watchmaker specialized in that specific brand after consultation with us. We will not accept returns of a watch that has been opened by anyone else but an official watchmaker for a specific brand or tampered in any other way.

Do note that before we can process your return, we need to communicate with you in order to complete the process, and shall we not receive a response from you within 14 days, a refund and return cannot be accepted.

Non-EU buyers

For non-EU customers, we offer returns if the product is misrepresented. We try to communicate the condition of the products we sell as detailed and carefully as possible. Shall the product still be misrepresented to the point where you want to request a return, please email us.

Most of the products we sell are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. We, therefore, advise non-EU customers to make use of the factory warranty shall there be any issues that fall under the manufacturer’s warranty guarantee. We cannot accept returns for potential issues with the product which can and is, covered by the original manufacturer’s guarantee.

Cancellation of orders

It is possible to cancel your order after you have placed it. Do, however, have in mind, that if your order has been placed on a weekday, and on Fridays before 3 PM CET, your order may already have been dispatched. If you wish to cancel your order, it is therefore important that you let us know as soon as possible.

To cancel your order, please email us and we’ll do everything we can to help you with your request.

If you have already paid for your item, we will refund the amount. Please note that if you have paid using bank transfer, it may take up to a few days before we receive the payment. When refunding you the charged amount, it can take up to a few days before it reaches us. Please also allow up to 3 working days handling time to process the refund.

Sourced watches

For sourced watches that we specifically source on your request, we prefer not to see returns due to their personalized nature.


We produce detailed images, descriptions, and sometimes videos of our products. Shall there be any uncertainties, please request more images that portray the watch in its current state before placing an order.