Is it a Timeless Success – Swatch X Omega

Is it a Timeless Success – Swatch X Omega

Few could have predicted that a collaboration between the well-known watch brands Swatch and Omega would become so globally popular. Swatch Group, who owns both brands, has truly made history with the launch of the MoonSwatch—a watch for everyone.

Unexpectedly introduced in March 2022, the MoonSwatch quickly became an instant success. The launch of the watch collection drew significant attention on social media, where images of long queues outside Swatch stores worldwide quickly spread. This dramatically increased interest, even among those who typically do not follow watch trends, was for some people a surprise. The hype around these watches led to a boom in the secondary market, and stores imposed a limit of two watches per person to manage the demand.

The collection consists of eleven different models inspired by various celestial bodies, providing a wide range of colors so everyone can find a favorite. The affordability and versatility quickly made the watch popular among both fans and collectors. The MoonSwatch combines Swatch’s playfulness and design with Omega’s iconic Speedmaster style, creating an attractive mix of tradition and innovation.


Despite it being over two years since the launch, the MoonSwatch is still being sold actively. Swatch Group continues to keep the trend alive by launching new models, like the recently introduced Mission to the Moonphase in the “Full Moon” and “New Moon” variants. These models include a moon phase complication, a novelty for Swatch, with a charming detail where little Snoopy also rests on the moon—a nice tribute to Snoopy’s long-standing relationship with NASA.

Omega Moonswatch

Another novelty is the MoonShine Gold, launched to further increase exclusivity. This model features a black dial and a gray case, with a special detail where the chronograph’s second hand is only produced during a full moon, and is covered with Omega’s own MoonShine gold and decorated with a new pattern for every full moon.

With their unique brand combination, Swatch and Omega have created a covetable collection where each new collaboration, like the recent one with Blancpain to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their diveing watch Fifty Fathoms, continues to engage and fascinate watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Their ability to continuously introduce new, popular models showcases a smart and well-thought-out strategic move. The accessible price allows customers to purchase multiple watches and experiment with colors. For those who prefer to vary the look further, Wristbuddys offers affordable rubber straps for all models—Omega X Swatch and Blancpain X Swatch—in many colors and stylish options that suit various styles and preferences. 

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