Omega Pictograms Symbols What Do They Mean?

Omega Pictograms

Omega Pictograms – What Does it Mean?

Do you wonder what the Omega pictograms card is? In around the year 2000, Omega started including a pictograms card with each of their watches.

Depending on the type of Omega watch, you normally get either two or three cards. One is the warranty card, one is the pictograms card, and one is the Chronometer certificate (nowadays Master Chronometer card) if your Omega watch is Master Chronometer certified.

But what does the Omega pictograms card mean?

Omega Pictograms card

Wikipedia describes ”Pictograms” as follows:

”A pictogram, also called a pictogramme, pictograph, or simply picto, and in computer usage an icon, is an ideogram that conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object.”

On this card, you will be able to see a number of different symbols. These symbols refer to the specifications of the watch, and as such, different watches will have different symbols on the card. The pictograms are presented on the back of the card, but on the front of the card you can find:

  • The reference number
  • The caliber
  • The watch serial number

Omega Pictograms

Below you can see the pictograms card for an Omega Seamaster Diver 300M:

Generally, you can identify what the symbol means by only looking at it, but some are a bit more difficult to know.

Omega Pictograms

The symbols have the following meaning (in order):

  • Rotor (automatic)
  • Co-Axial escapement
  • COSC certified
  • Screw-down crown
  • Double anti-reflective treatment inside and outside
  • Water-resistant to a relative pressure of 30 bar (300 meters/1000 feet)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Sapphire crystal case back
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Ceramic bezel
  • Master Chronometer certification
  • Resistant to up to 15,000 gauss
  • Silicon hairspring
  • Helium escape valve

The number in the bottom left corner refers to the type of box used for the watch.

Omega Pictograms symbols explained

Below, we explain all of the Omega pictograms symbols:


Quartz watch


Master chronometer certification


Co-Axial escapement

Ceragold watch

Zinc-silver oxide primary battery cell (Button-type )

Day-Date function

End of battery life indicator

Sedna gold watch

Ceramic bezel

Limited Edition watch

Water-resistant to 5 bars

Water-resistant to 12 bars

Water-resistant to 30 bars

Water-resistant to 20 bars

Water-resistant to 12 bars

Caliber number

Automatic watch (rotor)


Sapphire crystal caseback

Ceramic case

Canopus gold

Moonshine 18K gold watch

Platinum 950 watch

Liquidmetal watch

Titanium watch

5-year warranty

WEEE regulation

Lithium- manganese dioxide primary battery cell (button-type)

Russian customs

Not water resistant

Water-resistant to 15 bars

Water-resistant to 13,5 bars

Water-resistant to 10 bars

Silicon hairspring

Resistant to 15,000 gauss

Thermocompensated quartz movement


Manual winding

COSC chronometer certification

Time zone function

Jump hour

Annual calendar – big date

Perpetual calendar

Power reserve indicator

GMT function (dual time)



Tachymeter scale



Sapphire crystal

Anti-reflective crystal (treated on one side)

Anti-reflective crystal (treated on both sides)

Screw-down crown

Helium escape valve

18K gold watch

Palladium watch

Watch featuring at least 1 diamond

Numbered edition

2-year warranty

3-year warranty

4-year warranty

Water-resistant to 3bars

Water-resistant to 60 bars

Water-resistant to 6 bar

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