Tudor Serial Numbers: A Complete Resource Guide

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Butcherer 79250BB

Tudor Serial Numbers:  A Complete Resource Guide

just like most luxury watches, Tudor watches are equipped with a serial number. The serial numbers aren’t there because of a coincidence or just randomly added there, but instead, they have a few very important functions.

Tudor serial numbers can be used to date the watch and the year of which it was manufactured.

You’re probably aware of the fact that the founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf founded Tudor as a cheaper alternative to Rolex, and thus they have a lot in common and share much throughout its history, however, when it comes to Tudor watches, the serial numbers of Tudor watches are more complicated to date than the serial numbers of Rolex. Of course, this cannot be said about the modern Rolexes which have random serial numbers, but when talking about older Rolexes, that is the case.

The reason why it is more difficult to date Tudor watches through their serial numbers have to do with the simple fact that there is less information available about Tudor. Of course, this doesn’t really come as a surprise since Rolex is considerably more established and much more famous than its little brother/sister.

Tudor Black Bay GMT 79830RB

But the fact that it is more difficult to date Tudor watches is the exact reason why we decided to create this article. Since Tudor is one of the brands we are especially specialized in, we saw it as our duty to create the most extensive and in-depth database and resource of Tudor serial numbers available to date, to help guide Tudor lovers, devoted fans, and collectors, like yourself to easier date different Tudor watches and to help you get a better understanding of the watch that you’re dealing with.

Since Tudor hasn’t, just like most other luxury watch brands, created an official list and resource of their Tudor serial numbers, some serial numbers may not be 100% accurate, however, even if some of them may not be exact, they will give you a quite good estimate of the year of your Tudor watch.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Butcherer 79250BB

About Tudor serial numbers and where to find it

An interesting thing to point out about Tudor serial numbers is that at the beginning of the Tudor brand, and a long time into its history, Tudor used Rolex cases for its watches. As such, the serial number of Tudor watches are found in the same place as they would be found on a Rolex watch. This means that they are engraved between the lugs at the 6 o’clock position engraved into the case behind where the bracelet is attached.

At the 12 o’clock position, you will find the watch’s reference number. Note, however, that this is only the case for older watches.

Modern Tudor watches have the reference number and serial number placed on the undersides of the lugs. This is done for strategic reasons, as accessing the serial number of an older Tudor watch means you have to remove the bracelet.

Tudor reference number vs serial number

Do not confuse serial number with reference number, because these are two completely different things. You can think of Tudor serial numbers as a social security number – an individual number that each watch has that makes it easier to get information about it (such as year etc). Reference number, on the other hand, is just a model number, which tells you what model it is, and this is a number that all watches of that model uses.

If you’re considering buying a Tudor watch, this list of Tudor serial numbers will be especially helpful since they will assist you in finding out whether or not the year of the watch, and if the Tudor you’re considering to buy is displayed and described properly.

This list of Tudor serial numbers is a living resource that is consistently updated and improved to provide a better base for Tudor serial numbers.

Tudor Black Bay 79230R

For modern Tudor watch models, the H serial is produced in parallel with O and J serial. This means that the year 2007 should correspond to H7 serial as well as the J1 serial.

Please have a look at our Tudor serial number check below, and easily compare your Tudor watch’s serial numbers, in order to find an estimated date of the watch.

The most common vintage Tudor watch is the Tudor Oyster watch, and after having received countless requests and questions about the Tudor oyster watch serial numbers, we can confirm that yes, the serial numbers below also apply to the Tudor Oyster,

Tudor serial Number Year

  • 40,000 – 140,000 1940 – 1956
  • 240000 1956
  • 170,000 1957
  • 200,000 1958
  • 280,000 1959
  • 310,000 1960
  • 340,000 1961
  • 360,000 1962
  • 390,000 1963
  • 430,000 1964
  • 460,000 1965
  • 500,000 1966
  • 570,000 1967
  • 620,000 1968
  • 680,000 1969
  • 740,000 1970
  • 750,000 1971
  • 770,000 1972
  • 790,000 1973
  • 810,000 1974
  • 830,000 1975
  • 840,000 1976
  • 860,000 1977
  • 880,000 1978
  • 900,000 1979
  • 930,000 1980
  • 950,000 1981
  • 970,000 1982
  • 980,000 1983
  • 990,000 1984

Tudor began with serial numbers again in 1984 and restarted their serial numbers.

  • 140000 1985
  • 170000  1986
  • 190000 1987
  • 210000 1988
  • 260000 1989
  • B330000 1990
  • B360000 1991
  • B390000 1992
  • B500000  1993
  • B560000 1994
  • B590000 1995
  • B790000 1996
  • B850000  1997
  • B990000  1998
  • H130000 1999
  • H170000 2000
  • H240000 2001
  • H300000 2002

Modern Tudor serial numbers

As you can see on the Tudor serial number list, we have not listed any serial numbers after 2002, and this has to do with the fact that Tudor now uses “random serial numbers”. In other words, they follow no specific format which means that it is close to impossible to date them yourself.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

How to date your Tudor watch with random serial numbers?

So how do you date your modern Tudor watch when you cannot use this Tudor serial number database

Well, it gets a lot more difficult, that’s for sure.

The easiest and best way to date your modern Tudor watch is if you have the original certificate for your watch. If you do, the date of which the watch was purchased should be on the certificate. Simply confirm that the serial number on your Tudor watch matches the serial number that is engraved on your Tudor.

If you don’t have the original certificate for your watch, it gets a bit trickier. The good news is that Tudor has information about every single watch that has left the factory, which is registered through their individual serial numbers. The bad news is that this information can be difficult, if not impossible to access.

Tudor Black Bay 79220R

An idea for dating the year of your modern Tudor watch is to go to the official retailer from which the watch was purchased if you know where it was from. The official retailers normally keep records of each watch’s serial number that they sell, and might be able to provide you with further information about the year of your watch.

The last method to estimate a year of your Tudor watch that isn’t very accurate is to look at the model you have, and the production time of it. It won’t give you detailed information about the year of your watch, but if you over what years Tuor produced a watch, you have an estimation of when your watch could be from.

Do you need help finding your Tudor Serial number or have any other questions about Tudor serial numbers? Consult one of our watch experts here!

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65 thoughts on “Tudor Serial Numbers: A Complete Resource Guide

  1. Hi ,I am trying to look up a Tudor sub from a seller the serial number he provided is x41900 any help would be grateful thanks

    1. Hi Monty!
      Are you referring to serial numbers or reference numbers? All serial numbers are unique to a specific watch, so it’s hard to say something about a serial number other than to check if the watch is stolen.

  2. Hello. I just purchased a used Tudor Oyster Prince selfwinding Rotor, with the gold linen dial. I question the authenticity of the watch, because the case serial# is 115553 (1940’s to 1950′ according to the chart with a reference of 75203 on the case as well. I dont believe the gold linen dials were sold back then. The movement looks okay as far as I can tell. Your thoughts please.

  3. J691457 70330 are the two numbers on the back of my Tudor. I would like to know what year it was made.

  4. Hi,
    On my Tudor Oyester 4453.
    The serial number is 17891.
    Is the watch from mid 50s?

    1. Hi!
      The number 4453 is the reference number of the watch (also known as the model number). The serial number, on the other hand, is an individual number for that particular watch. Can you find another number that looks like a serial number, engraved somewhere on the watch?

      1. On the flipside of the watch there are two numbers engraved:
        17891 and 4453. I can’t find any other numbers engraved.

  5. Hi I have a tudor oyster Prince 31 with the numbers 7810 and 158754 on the rear the movement is marked Auto Prince Junior but the only junior watches I’ve seen have it also printed on the dial face.. Trying to date the watch but your list stops in the 14s and starts again in the 17s any information would be appreciated
    Regards Sean.

    1. Hi Sean! Thanks for your message. Since your serial number is between 14s and 17s, it means that the watch most likely was made in 1986.

      Hope it helps!


  6. I have Tudor BB Red with Serial number 1629501. Can I get a year produced and a history check?

    1. Hi Chuck,
      Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to date Tudor watches based on their serial number due to the fact that they use random serial numbers in no particular order.
      However, if your Black Bay Red is a reference 79220R, it was produced between 2012 and 2016, when it was then replaced by the new in-house version with the reference 79230R.

      Hope that helps!

      Kind regards
      Millenary Watches

  7. Hi
    I have a Tudor Rolex with a number of 020056 I think this is the serial number, I know its a very old watch. could you tell me the year

    1. Hi Gary,
      Not sure about the numbers you’re sharing, but if I have read them correctly, it could mean that your Tudor Serial numbers indicate that the watch is from 1958. Could this be correct?

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  8. Hello
    I have a Tudor Sub 76100 nr 65xxx
    Can i say that this watch is from 1984.
    Watch has mercedes hands…could it be that the hands have been replaced as i read that all 76100 of 1984 had lollipop hands

    1. Hi Jean Claude,

      Yes, you are absolutely right. It was produced in 1984.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  9. I have a Tudor Oyster with only one number on the case – 7803. I bought it in Khartoum in the Sudan in 1949 or 50.

    1. Lovely timepiece! Thanks for sharing!

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  10. Hi on the back of my Tudor said I648683 & 12713 on the back of my watch, can you please check what year was my watch made in, thanks.

    1. Hi Gary!
      The reference number is 12713 which suggests it is a Tudor “Style”.
      The serial number is the latter number mentioned, however, because you have a modern Tudor watch, it means that you have random serial numbers and are thus not able to tell the year of your watch by looking at the serial number. The date is written on the certificate.

      Hope that helps!
      Kind regards,

  11. I have an old Tudor Oyster which I believe may have been given to me by my parents in 1951 when I went to my senior school. I would then have been 13. They were worried that I would lose it and so they had my name engraved on the back!
    On the Dial there is a small Tudor rose and under it is TUDOR and under that OYSTER. on the lower part of the dial is SHOCK-RESISTING. On the back, as well as my name, half way between the winder and the bottom lugs is a number 563640. I do not know whether this is the serial number or a reference number. Could there be another number inside? Can you tell me its age? It is definitely NOT 1966.

    1. Hi William!
      Thank you for sharing. The number you mention is the Serial number.
      The number would date it to between 1940 – 1956.
      It could also be 1967, but based on the information you provided, this may not be the case.

      Hope it helps!
      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  12. Hello can you date my old Tudor oyster automatic watch , on the back is the number 37506 , then underneath 951 , many thanks from rich

    1. Hi Rich!
      This would date your Tudor Oyster between 1940 – 1956.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  13. Hello, i have 2 questions. I have a Tudor prince OysterDate 200/660 Submariner that the Navy issued me. i did look for the numbers on the case as suggested. At the 6:00 position 923421, at the 12:00 position 94110. what do the mean.
    2nd question, i’m looking for a reputable Rolex repair facility to have it overhauled and make it like new or close. this watch does work. was still wearing it until the band pins fell apart. can’t find new ones.
    Thank you

    1. Hi kevin,
      Thank you for your comment!

      Could you please send an email to hello(@)millenarywatches.com and we will assist you? Could you please also attach some images?

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  14. I have received my grandfathers watch given for 45 years service to British Rail. I believe he would have been given it in 1959. The only number I can find on it is inside the back case and is
    RWC 12369. Can you advise me if that is the serial number and if possible date it for me. Many thanks

    1. Hi Stuart!
      Thank you for sharing.
      Can you find any numbers engraved on the movement?

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  15. Hello,
    I’ve just purchase a Tudor 7944 honeycomb serial number 208275. I suppose it is a 1958 model but on the dial it is not mentioned “34” while it is a 34 size. Is that make any difference for the value of the watche?

    1. Hi Greg,
      Tudor never writes the size of the watch on the dial so you have nothing to worry about.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  16. These numbers are on the back case of a ladies Tudor watch. What do they mean? 1665 18k 555875. and 105
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nina,
      1665 is the reference number. The other numbers are serial number and caliber number.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  17. Hello , i have a Tudor oyster “Big Rose” reference# 7924 But i could not locate the 6 digit serial numbers that start with 78#*%# ??
    on your chart ??

  18. Hi, my Tudor watch serials is 1795212, the reference number is 79030. Please check it for me if it is a fake or real Tudor. Thanks

    1. Hi Steve!
      Congratulations on a beautiful watch. It is impossible to tell the authenticity of your watch only by the serial number.
      Feel free to email us some pics of the watch and we can have a look.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  19. Hi, I have one Tudor Chronautic and would like to check the year of manufacture. This is the number i can read on the watches : T460001 / 841144. Can you please help me to check and let me know as soon as possible? Thanks for the helping. Your kindness is much appreciated.

  20. Hi. Wondering about the age and model of my watch.
    Numbers off the back are: 859407 & 91017015 and the bracelet has 7587 stamped into it.

    1. Hi Jim,
      That should date it to 1997.

      Best regards,
      Millenary Watches

    2. Hi Jim,
      That should date it between 1974 to 1984.

      Best regards,
      Millenary Watches

  21. A Tudor Heritage Chronograph (Monte Carlo) has a serial J954470. Can you tell the date of the watch?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi,
      Tudor uses random serial numbers for its modern watches, and it is thus not possible to tell the date of the watch with the serial number for these watches.

      Best regards,
      Millenary Watches

  22. HI My grandad’s watch is a Tudor Sussex with teh follwoing serial number: 489879 – can you tell em anything about it. It’s from before 1958.

  23. Hi there. Have an interesting one.

    Just bought a Tudor Oyster Prince Ref: 75204. Fluted bezel. Serial # 60xxx.

    I think it’s a late 70’s/early 80’s, but hard to pinpoint as there don’t seem to be many Tudors with the 6xxxx serial number.

    Any thoughts/feedback would be much appreciated!

  24. Hello,

    On my Tudor Prince Oysterdate between the lugs at 12 o’clock I can read : 75205 & between the lugs at the 6 o’clock mark I can read : 85537.

    Could you please advise as to the year?

    1. Hi,
      That should date it to 1976-1977

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  25. Hello,
    I inherited a Tudor Princess Oysterdate lady’s watch. Its model number is 92413 (12 o’clock position) and serial number 79810 (6 0’clock postion).
    I would appreciate it if you could date the watch.

    1. Hi!
      The numbers you provided are the reference numbers of two different timepieces from Tudor We will need the serial number in order to date it.

      Kind regards,

  26. Hi I am looking for a Tudor watch ref number is 79260p . And in paper is b933103 . Please check it for me !

    1. Hi Alex, I’m afraid we are not able to check watches as only Tudor has access to any and all databases.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  27. I have a Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner that I purchased in the early 1970s, at that time I was a commercial diver and used the watch extensively while diving, needless to say it now requires some care and attention. I am considering having the watch repaired but if too expensive than I will have to rethink my plan for the watch. Your input as to how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Allan,
      Thank you for your comment and congratulations on a wonderful watch.

      One of our watch experts would be happy to advise you with the best decision moving forward with your watch. You can find more info here:

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  28. Thank you for compiling this resource – I’m sure not the simplest of feats. I’ve been gifted a Tudor Oyster that my father’s squadron sent him out of the Navy with in 1967. I have the original Rolex box and case, along with the ‘guarantee’ that labels it 7984B. I cannot locate a serial number but have researched that it was produced in 1966. Do you have any insight into what the ‘B’ designation behind the number means? Also, the bottom of the dial reads “-T Swiss T-“. I’ve seen them with and without the “T”…any idea what that signifies? Thank you again!

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you. This certainly requires some research. If you need more detailed information, please contact us and our experts will be able to help you.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  29. I have a Tudor Oysterdate with the words shock resisting on the bottom of the dial. The number printed on the back of the watch is 7919 196616. Can you advise when this watch was manufactured. I received it in 1960 as a gift from my father.

    1. Hi Frederick,
      Thanks for your comment. Please send an email to us. Our watch experts are able to research this matter.

      Kind regards

  30. Hello I have a Tudor Oysterdate Watch with serial number 265276 and 7939
    Im not sure about the year hence I wanted to know what year the watch would be from?

  31. Hi
    I am familiar with many of the military service numbers inscribed on the casebacks of issued watches e.g MN for French Watches, numbers only for South African issued navy watches, CELXXXX for Canadian Navy and USN for US Navy watches. Recently I came across a Sub ref 9401 with the serial number IAXXXX inscribed on the case back. Have you seen this service number before? Do you know which military/government may have issued it?

  32. Chaque montre a t’elle un numéro de serie différente ?

    1. Chaque montre a un numéro de série unique pour aider à identifier les montres

  33. Could you please give me some guidance? I inherited my late father’s Tudor Prince Oysterdate with the numbers 9111/016 and 860381 engraved on top and bottom edge and the number 7387 engraved on both ends of the wristband. Can you tell me what year it is from that information?

    1. Hello,
      860381 is the serial number. You will be able to date it using the serial number list.

      For further details, you can check here: https://millenarywatches.com/watches/watch-consulting/

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  34. Good day. I was going through a box my late father left for abandoned and I found this dirty old Tudor Oyster Prince “ROTOR” Self Winding with 54128 + 7808 and can’t seem to dial in more info using your guide. She runs and drives and I just cleaned her up and she’s good to go

    1. Hi Adam,
      For detailed information about your exact watch, you can consult our experts here:

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  35. I have gold Tudor Oysterdate the numbers are 7974 467400 I am trying to find out what movement it has it is a manual wound watch
    Ian Hughes

  36. Hi.
    I’m new with Tudor watches and find your Site very interesting. I’ve been offered a Tudor Prince Oysterdate 200 m 660 ft Submariner Lollipop with Rolex crown.
    I wanted to find out the year of production but the numbers in your list did not help. At 12 #76200 at 6 #12134X. T-SWISS-T. Tudor Bracelet 380 and 9315 with Rolex stamped long flip. The date dial is Metal not white. Can you tell me more about the watch? Many thanks in advance.
    Best regards

    1. Hi!
      Please contact us via Messenger for inquiries.

      Kind regards,

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