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Diplomat Watch Winder Review & Guide [Best Diplomat Watch Winders]

Watch winders are a popular accessory amongst watch enthusiasts. If you have multiple watches in your collection, a watch winder becomes particularly useful.

Watch winders are a great way to not only store or display but most importantly to keep your watches ticking when not in use. A watch winder winds your automatic watches and keeps them from stopping. This ensures that whenever you want to wear the watch again, it is ready and you don’t have to set the time, wind it, and adjust other functions.

But as you have probably seen, there are a lot of different watch winders and manufacturers of watch winders on the market. This can make it difficult to know which to choose. Which are good and which are not?

The most important thing to know is that not all watch winders are created equal. There are some understandings that watch winders will damage your watch, and whilst in most cases that isn’t true, it may be true if you opt for a cheap and poorly performing watch winder. A low-quality watch winder may overwind your watch and cause unnecessary wear and tear to it in more ways than one. High-quality watch winders, on the other hand, are safe to use and will protect your watch whilst keeping it wound.

One brand and maker of watch winders that is popular and known for its high-quality products is Diplomat. Diplomat is especially popular on the market for its balance between price and quality. Diplomat watch winders are relatively affordable, but at the same time, they have great performance, quality, and designs. Generally, you have to look at watch winders in the price range of 1000 and up to get the most qualitative options, but Diplomat offers the best of both worlds with reasonably priced, qualitative watch winders.

In this article, we are taking a closer look at Diplomat watch winders and what they have to offer.

Diplomat watch winder review

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a watch winder in order to ensure that it has a good performance, is long-lasting, and doesn’t damage your watch.

The most important factors to consider are:

  • Anti-magnetic
  • Adjustable modes/settings
  • Resting cycles
  • High-quality motors

All of these factors tell us that it is a more qualitative watch winder.

And this is also part of the reason why the Diplomat watch winders are so popular, because they offer all of these things and more.


Diplomat watch winders are powered by silent Japanese Mabuchi motors with great performance. They are silent and long-lasting. Whilst the design is important in a watch winder, the motors are the single most important factor. And Diplomat watch winders tick the box for what a watch winder should have.

Diplomat constantly develops and improves the motors for its watch winders. First off, the winders have four programmed settings (650, 900, 1350, or 1800 TPD) which prevent over-winding or causing unnecessary wear and tear to the watch’s mechanism.

The four programs that Diplomat watch winders feature are:

  1. The turntable will rotate clockwise for one minute, then rest for 20 minutes, then repeat; which provides a total of 650 TPD.
  2. The turntable will rotate counter-clockwise for two minutes, then rest for 28 minutes, then repeat; which provides a total of 900 TPD.
  3. The turntable will rotate counter-clockwise for 3 minutes then rest for 27 minutes, then the turntable will rotate clockwise for 3 minutes then rest for 27 minutes, then repeat; which provides a total of 1350 TPD.
  4. The turntable will rotate clockwise for 10 minutes then rotate counter-clockwise for 10 minutes (this will repeat for 1 hour), then rest for seven hours, then repeat; which provides a total of 1800 TPD.”

Furthermore, some of the Diplomat watches also have a built-in Smart IC timer with 4 timer settings. These things allow the following:

  • ”Setting A: Rotate clockwise for 6 minutes, rest for 30 minutes, then repeat. 1440 TPD
  • Setting B: Rotate counterclockwise for 6 minutes, rest for 30 minutes, then repeat. 1440 TPD
  • Setting C: Rotate clockwise for 20 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, rotate counterclockwise for 20 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes, then repeat from the beginning. 5670 TPD
  • Setting D: Rotate clockwise for 10 minutes, rotate counterclockwise for 10 minutes, repeat for 3 hours, then rest for 9 hours, then repeat the entire cycle. 2152 TPD”

Exterior and design

Whilst the exterior design and use of material aren’t the most important part of a watch winder, there’s usually a correlation between the quality of the exterior materials and the overall quality of the watch winder, including the motors. More qualitative watch winders normally use premium exterior material like wood, carbon fiber, leather, etc. whilst cheap watch winders tend to use plastic to a great degree. 

As for the interior, a watch winder needs to have good pillows and mounting systems that keep your watches locked in place. Diplomat uses an “insert-type” adjustable watch mounting system that ensures the adequate- mounting of your watch so it will never detach your valuable watch from the winder during its operation. Furthermore, they also have a detachable attachment for larger watches.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular Diplomat watch winders.

Best Diplomat watch winders

Diplomat Burl Wood Eight Watch Winder


First up, we have the Diplomat Burlwood eight-watch winder. This is a watch winder with 8  slots for the winders and then an additional 9 watches storage. In other words, it is a great alternative if you have a large collection of up to 17 watches.

The watch winder has a classic and sleek design in a rectangular shape and with a glass window on the top which gives a good view of the watches that are sitting in the watch winder.

The exterior is finished in an exclusive burl wood which gives it a very luxurious impression. This is much more than just a way of keeping your watches wound, but it is also a great interior decoration that will look amazing in your home.

The watch winder is powered by Diplomat’s signature qualitative motors which offer a great selection of different modes. First off, it has clockwise, auto-swap, and counter-clockwise rotations as well as four different program settings. It also uses Diplomat’s clever built-in Smart IC Timer which means it can run at 4 different timer settings to keep your watches running, but without being overwound and subject to unnecessary wear. As already discussed, the motor is quiet which is an important aspect of all watch winders. The running modes are the ones mentioned above so you can find the perfect settings depending on your watches’ needs.

The interior is beautifully lined with black leatherette.

Diplomat 34-513 Phantom Wood Watch Winder


Next up, we have the Diplomat 34-513 Phantom wood watch winder. This is a modern watch winder with a sleek, luxurious design. It is similar to the watch winder above, but it has room for 6 watches in the watch winder as opposed to 8. It is also equipped with storage for 7 additional watches as opposed to 9.

The winder has a large glass window on top that gives a good view of the watches inside. It has a black leatherette interior and LED illumination that lights up the interior space when dark. Apart from making it look better if you decide to use it as interior decoration, it also makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

The winder has a high gloss ebony wood finish exterior and all of the smart winding functionality that you would expect from Diplomat’s winding motors. It uses the Smart Internal Bi-Directional Timer Control. The motor is Diplomat’s standard Japanese Mabuchi motor which is extremely silent, designed to mimic the natural day-to-day movement as when your watch is on the wrist.

The winder has 4 different timer sequences with different turning directions which are set using the knob inside the winder. Each turntable (with 2 watches each) can be set to its own setting, allowing you to use two different programs running at the same time.

Last but not least, the watch winder can be locked using the supplied key.

Diplomat Black Wood Double Watch Winder


If you don’t have a large collection of watches, or simply don’t need a watch winder that can store a large selection, this watch winder could be suitable for you. It is also quite affordable at just over 100 dollars.

The winder can wind 2 watches simultaneously and has additional storage for 3 watches. It has a simple and exclusive design with a glass window which provides a good view of the watches inside. The exterior is made in a beautiful black wood finish which will make it blend into any home nicely.

The motor is also great with clockwise, auto-swap, or counter-clockwise rotations. The winder also has four different program settings, like most Diplomat’s watch winders. The interior is lined with smooth black faux leather for a premium impression both inside and out.

Diplomat 34-704 Modena Watch Winder


The Diplomat 34-704 Modena watch winder is a watch winder for the serious watch collector! Normally, when you have a large watch collection, there’s no point in constantly winding all of your watches at the same time. This is why this watch winder has 4 watch winding slots and then an additional 16 storage departments for watches.

The watch winder is finished in a leather synthetic and carbon Fiber exterior. It has glass both on the top and on the front, giving a view of both the watches that are stored in the departments but also those that are stored in the winder.  With its carbon fiber finish and red accents. Diplomat describes it as a ”racing-inspired line of luxury watch winders which is guaranteed to thrill any watch and car enthusiast.”.

The motor is the same motor that we have become familiar with when it comes to Diplomat watch winders, meaning it has 4 Pre-Programmed Timer Settings: 650, 900, 1350, and 1800TPD and 3 Directional Settings, clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Bi-Directional.

The interior of this winder is lined with a carbon fiber pattern, and in the top storage compartment, there are plush black leatherette holders with red accents that pair really well with the exterior.

To ensure that the watches are kept perfectly in place, the holders have a spring-loaded extender allowing you to set the holder to the exact size that your watch needs. This is great because it means that it can hold both large and small watches of virtually any size.

Diplomat Quad Black Wood Finish Watch Winder


This watch winder from Diplomat has a slightly different and more interesting design. It has a large glass window that goes from the front to the top and therefore makes it ”semi-see-through”. It has room for 4 watches and it has two individual winding mechanisms, allowing you to run different winding modes simultaneously.

The exterior is done in a high gloss black wood finish and the interior is done with carbon fiber with red accents and black leather.

Like all of Diplomat’s winders, the winders are powered by quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors. The winder has all of the usual modes, allowing you to set them according to the needs of your watch. It has 4 different program settings and is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Diplomat Watch Winder 31-425


The Diplomat watch winder 31-425 is an elegant storage box with 2 turntables for 4 watches on the winder and 6 extra storage departments for additional watches.

The winder is also equipped with a drawer at the bottom where you can store additional accessories.

It is powered by the Mabuchi motor that can rotate clockwise, auto-swap, or counter-clockwise. It also has four different program settings with 650, 900, 1350, or 1800 TPD. To prevent overwinding, the winders will rotate clockwise for 10 minutes then rotate counter-clockwise for 10 minutes, and repeat this for 1 hour. It will then rest for 7 hours and then repeat.

The winder has a wooden exterior has a black wood finish and a glass window at the top that gives a view of the watches inside. The interior is lined with smooth black leatherette.

Diplomat Ebony Wood Six Watch Winder


The Diplomat Ebony wood is a beautiful and luxurious watch winder with room for 6 watches on the winding mechanism, equipped with 3 turntables that are individually set. It also has additional room for 7 watches. We have already looked at the black version of this winder, but with a brown ebony wood finish, it gets an even more luxurious look. The interior is lined with smooth black leatherette for a beautiful look.

The silent Japanese motor rotates clockwise, auto swap, or counter-clockwise with 4 different program settings.

Diplomat Double Metallic Watch Winder


If you only need a watch winder that can hold and wind 2 watches, the Diplomat double metallic winder may be a suitable choice. It has a distinct design almost reminiscent of a speaker with a glass cover that gives a good display of the watches inside.

The motor has 4 different program settings and rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise, or alternates.

Diplomat Burl Wood Double Watch Winder


Last but not least, we have a very special watch winder from Diplomat with a beautiful and luxurious wooden finish. This winder has room for 2 watches and features a glass window at the front which gives a great view of the watches inside. 

The winder has one turntable with clockwise, auto swap, or counter-clockwise rotations and four different program settings.

It has a stunning burl wood exterior with a high gloss finish that will make it blend nicely into any home and work as stunning interior detail.

Diplomat watch winder designs

Diplomat has a large collection of watch winders for all types of different needs and preferences. Do you need a watch winder that can hold 1 watch or 10 watches? Do you want a winder that focuses on functionality or do you prefer one that focuses on style and design that you can incorporate into your home as an interior detail? Regardless of your needs, Diplomat has a watch winder for you.

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