How to Choose Watch Dial color [Tips & Guide]

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How to Choose Watch Dial color [Tips & Guide]

Today, there are an endless selection of different dial colors when it comes to wristwatches. Watches can be found will all kinds of different dial colors, from plain and classic black, to bold and bright yellow, red, or green. The color of your watch dial will naturally have a great impact on how it looks and the impression it gives.

Therefore, it is an important factor to consider when buying your next watch.

Maybe you have taken the first step of deciding which type of watch you want to have. Dress watch, sports watch, or perhaps an everyday watch for any occasion? The next step would be to decide which dial color you want for your watch. But with so many different colors to choose from, it can quickly feel overwhelming.

In a nutshell, one cannot go into fashion or claim to be a fashionist without having a specific and adorable color as a brand of identification, because color tells the uniqueness of a personality and reveals the originality in his identity and in reality. 

To help make the decision of which watch dial color you should opt for, consider the following trends and factors before choosing your dial color.
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(1) What is the right dial color for you?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. Your choice of dial color will ultimately depend on what you want in a watch.

In choosing the right color among a variety of colors, one needs to put to test the uniqueness of his personality which reveals the power of making choice among variables.

Your personality defines who you are both in your words and actions, taste and preference, fashion and strangeness, right and wrong etc. 

The right dial color for you is the primary color that predominated your mind ab initio before the choice was made, also it is that color that gives you a sense of recognition and prestige in your sphere of life or circumferences.

A lot of people will simply opt for their “favorite” color for the watch dial. For example, when you are been given an opportunity to choose among colors, you can practically spot it out immediately. But others may take other factors into consideration such as when they will wear the watch, on which occasions, and the outfits that they will pair their watch with.

To crown it all, choosing the right dial among variables, is like making a personality choice without wavering.

(2) Your Outfit

In choosing watch dial color, your outfit is a means to an end because color can’t reveal it through beauty without a befitting outfit. Your watch should complement your outfit and enhance your overall style.

If you have the wrong dial color paired with a certain outfit, it may risk standing out like a sore thumb.

Your outfit work in pari passu in complimenting the watch dial color. Someone made the following comparison:

“You cannot put on a beautiful watch on a naked body and affirmed to be fashionable no. It is like a blind man leading a blind man to a journey which will automatically end up in a pit.”

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What this basically means is that you need to consider the fact that your watch is an outfit and it should work perfectly together with your outfit to create an overall great look.

What makes a person colorful and fashionable on any occasion is the unification of the various components of his outfit and design, matching the purpose and code of conduct of the event at any given point in time.

Note, that color plays a chiefly role in bringing an aura of beauty to a person because color is a potent element of visual communication that distinguishes individuals, groups, teams cultures, and churches.

For example, if you’re wearing a discreet, all-black outfit, a bright and bold red dial watch may stand out and look misplaced. On these occasions, it’s wiser to choose a traditional and discreet dial color like black, white, or silver.

(3) Taste and Preference

In choosing your dial color, one has to consider their own tastes and preferences. At the end of the day, it is you who are going to wear your watch and the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied with what you are wearing. The rest is secondary. If you want to have a bright and bold dial color paired with an all-black outfit, then by all means go ahead.

Ask yourself the simple questions “what do I like?” and “What is my favorite color?”. When you have answered these, you will have a pretty good idea of what you want in a watch, and specifically, which dial color would be the most suitable option for you.

(4) Occasion 

This point ties together with your outfit, but it is also a factor to consider when choosing the dial color for your watch.

We strongly advise that you choose the dial color according to the occasion and purpose. For example, if you are going to a formal event, then you should opt for watch dials with classic colors.

However, if you’re at home or on other casual occasions, you can opt for something more bright and bold – if you want.

Think about the occasion, your outfit, and which color would be the most appropriate for this.

Naturally, a black, silver, white, or dark blue dial will work on any occasion. But on the contrary, a red, pink, or green dial will not. Therefore, if you don’t have a large collection of watches with many different dial colors, you should opt for one of the more versatile colors that you can use at all times and on any occasion.

(5) Build a watch collection with different dial colors

A tip from us is to build a collection with multiple watches. This way, you can choose the dial color that works best for the occasion. On casual days, you may want to opt for something bright and bold. But if you’re going to a formal event, then this watch just won’t do it. As such, having multiple watches to choose from will allow you to opt for the dial color that is the most appropriate for the occasion.

Rolex Daytona 116508 green dial

(6) If unsure, go classic

If you’re still unsure about which dial color to choose for your watch, the best advice is to go classic. In other words, choose a dial color that works on any occasion and for any occasion.

In these cases, you want to look for versatile dial colors that are discreet and classic. There’s also a good reason why most of the watches have these dial colors.

The most versatile and classic dial colors are:

  • black
  • silver
  • dark blue
  • white

Regardless of your outfit, the occasion, and the purpose, you really cannot go wrong with a watch with any of these dial colors.

Conclusively, considering the six points pinned down in choosing the watch dial color, one needs to follow painstakingly, his/her drive, action personality, and an implicit decision made before deciding which watch to wear.

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