Meteorite Dial Rolex Watches – List of Rolex Watches with Meteorite Face

Rolex Meteorite dial

Meteorite Dial Rolex Watches – List of Rolex Watches with Meteorite Face

Rolex is a company that is known to be very traditional and orthodox. At the same time, Rolex has dared to experiment a lot with different dial materials in order to create truly unique and special watches.

One such material is meteorite stone.

Meteorite stone is “a solid piece of debris from an object, such as a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid, that originates in outer space and survives its passage through the atmosphere to reach the surface of a planet or moon.”.

In Rolex’s own words:

“Meteorite comes from the heart of an asteroid or possibly even a planet that has exploded, propelling material across the Solar System until chance brings it into our planet’s orbit and gravity pulls it to Earth. During its journey, the centre of the meteorite is gradually transformed, producing highly unusual metallic patterns, resulting from the very slow cooling of molten asteroid cores. The designers at Rolex create from these configurations a unique treasure for some of the most prestigious models”.

Meteorite stones are literally out of this world, so the use of meteorite that is countless years old creates something truly special. What’s more, because meteorite is a stone, each and every single dial will be unique, contributing to the special nature of meteorite Rolex watches.

Due to the special, rare, and expensive nature of meteorite stone, Rolex has only made watches with meteorite dials in full gold. And a full gold Rolex, paired with a meteorite dial makes the final result even more special, unique, and rare.

Meteorite stones are subject to extreme temperatures and pressure and have flown around in space for countless years. The rest of this is highly unusual metallic patterns that give each watch dial stunning details and an appealing look.

Rolex has used meteorite stone dials for some of its watches for many decades now, but the models that have been made with meteorite dials are few and rare. Equally is the total production of these timepieces. This can, to some extent, be explained by the fact that meteorite is a highly limited product, and getting your hands on a piece of meteorite is extremely expensive.

The fact that Rolex only makes meteorite watches in full gold, paired with the scarcity of meteorite and the limited production of them, it’s easy to see why meteorite Rolex watches have become truly special, rare, and sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.

In this article, we have compiled a complete list of Rolex watches with meteorite dials. If you are interested in buying a Rolex watch with a meteorite, here are all the models that are at your disposal.

List of Rolex watches with Meteorite dial

GMT-Master II 126719BLRO meteorite

Daytona 116505 meteorite

Daytona 116508 meteorite

Daytona 116509 meteorite (2021 design)

Daytona 116509

Daytona 116515LN meteorite

Daytona 116518LN meteorite

Daytona 116519LN meteorite

Day-Date 228239 meteorite baguette

Day-Date 36 118239 meteorite diamond dial

Day-Date 36 118235 meteorite diamond dial

Photo by

Day-Date 36 118208 meteorite diamond dial

Photo by WatchguyNYC

Day-Date 40 platinum 228206 Meteorite baguette dial

Daytona 116519

Photo by

Day-Date 118209

Day-Date 36 18238 meteorite diamond dial

Photo by

Day-Date 118339 meteorite diamond dial

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