Millenary Watches Expands its Media Branch to Millenary Media


Millenary Watches Expands its Media Branch to Millenary Media

In our ever-continuing efforts in communicating and sharing our passion for watches and the world of horology, Millenary Watches expands its ventures into the branch Millenary Media

With the new branch Millenary Media, we aim to better communicate information, guides, tips, inspiration, resources, and advice related to watches and distinguish it from our primary watch channel Millenary Watches which is our outlet for pre-owned and new luxury timepieces.

We continuously expand the Millenary Media branch in order to bring you top-quality watch-related content in all types of shapes and forms, and through all types of media channels. Our mission is to make watch-content accessible to watch-enthusiasts in whichever way they wish to consume it.

The birth of Millenary Media was also what came to become the start of Millenary Watches – our Instagram watch blog which is currently one of the largest watch blogs on Instagram, boasting over 149.000 watch-loving followers.

Over time, the Millenary Media branch has expanded its media channels to include Millenary Journal – the official watch blog of Millenary Watches – and a wide array of social media platforms.

We invite you to follow us on all our media platforms and stay updated with all new content published by the Millenary Media team!

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