Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA [Complete Guide]

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA

Background to the Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA

Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA
While the Tudor 79250BM was discontinued, the successor, reference 79250BA is actually almost identical to it. There are only a few differences, and that is the dial and bezel. The original Black Bay Bronze has been replaced with a new version that has a graduated slate grey dial, and furthermore, the brown bezel has also been changed to a dark gray, almost black color. Apart from that, they are identical. Some could argue that the old Bronze Black Bay could get a little boring with its flat grey dial without much texture, and the Black Bay 79250BM certainly has a lot more character than the previous.
The shaded slate gray dial is quite subtle but still noticeable. The center of the dial has a lighter shade of grey that darkens to an almost black color around the edges. It’s safe to say that the new Black Bay Bronze 79250BA is more wearable than the previous. The previous bronze Black Bay with its bright brown color is a watch that stands out, and sometimes, it can be a bit difficult matching it with everyday clothing. The Black Bay 79250BA, on the other hand, is with its gray and dark colors, contrasted by the bronze case, a watch that will work quite well for a lot of occasions.
Tudor Black Bay Bronze 79250BA


The crystal is a standard Black Bay crystal, except it is larger. It is a sapphire crystal that is slightly domed to give it a bit of a vintage look.

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