Bergeon 7825 Spring Bar Tool Review

Bergeon 7825 Spring Bar Tweezer Lug Removal Fitting Tool

Bergeon 7825 Spring Bar Tool Review

Every watch maker and watch enthusiast needs a good spring bar tool. With the help of a spring bar tool, you can remove the spring bars which are attached to the case of a watch and remove or exchange the strap or bracelet.

Most watches use spring bars to keep the bracelet or strap in place, and to remove the spring bars, you need a good tool. But with that said, not all spring bar tools are created equal.

To many, this tool seems so simple that technically, they should all be very similar, which should mean you could just buy the cheapest tool out there to get the job done. But this assumption could not be more incorrect, and this is something that a lot of people discover when they try a high quality, premium spring bar tool, from previously having used a cheap and basic alternative.

If you look at the reviews online for various spring bar tools, you will find that there is a huge difference between spring bar tools and spring bar tools.

When it comes to tools for working on your watch, tools is the last thing you want to compromise on.

Bergeon is perhaps the best watch tool manufacturer in the world. It is known around the globe and manufactures tools for the watchmakers of some of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. With that in mind, Bergeon’s tools are among the best in the world.

A tool from Bergeon is the spring bar tool 7825, which is the tool we are going to look closer at in this article.

Bergeon 7825 spring bar tool review

The Bergeon 7825 is the spring bar tool we use at Millenary Watches and therefore have great experience in using this tool.

Most spring bar tools are ”pen shaped”, with which you remove one side of the spring bar at a time. The 7825 from Bergeon is a bit different, however, as it is made as a tweezer with which you tweeze both sides of the spring bar simultaneously. The benefit of this is that you can more easily grip both sides of the spring bar and carefully ”lift” out the spring bar, which ultimately prevents scratches on the lugs of the watch.

When you remove spring bars with a pen-shaped spring bar tool, you have nothing to compress the spring bar with, which means you have to pull it out instead via the strap or bracelet. This can both cause the spring bar to fly across the room or scratch/create dents on the lugs as the pressure from the spring bar is pushed against the lugs as it is being removed. The fact that you can prevent scratches on your watch completely is the main benefit of this tool. If you change straps regularly on your watch with the wrong tools, it can cause your lugs to acquire a lot of scratches and dents over time. This is obviously something you want to avoid. This is why this tool, according to us, is well worth the investment. 

The Bergeon 7825 has an ergonomic tweezer design that allows you to grip each side of the spring bar effortlessly and then compress it in order to remove them from the case.

To use it, simply start by putting one of the tips on a good position of the end of the spring bar and then do the same with the other tip. When you have a good grip, compress the tweezer and then carefully lift out the spring bar tool from the case. Sometimes, it can help to pull outwards with the bracelet/strap in order to get it out.

The Bergeon 7825 tweezer is made in Switzerland, like all of Bergeon’s tools. Unlike many cheaper alternatives, the tips are made to perfection and allow optimal grip of the spring bar in order to prevent the risk of slipping or losing grip. The tips are fine forked which allows you to reach narrow openings as small as 1mm, which is often not possible with cheaper tools. It is built very similar to the Rolex® 3200 tool which Bergeon supplies to authorized dealers.  The tips are replaceable, shall you wear them out by using the tool frequently and often.

You can use the tool to remove the spring bars without actually having to remove the clasp of the bracelet.

The 7825 is also anti-magnetic so you won’t have to worry about magnetizing your watch.

Using the Bergeon 7825 spring bar tool, removing spring bars will be a breeze. Plus, you will minimize the risk of slipping or scratching your watch.

  • Tip width 1.00mm
  • Tip length 2.50mm

Watch our tutorial on using the Bergeon 7825 spring bar tool


Yes, the tool is expensive. It can feel tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative, but you really do get what you pay for here. It is the tool that is used by professional watchmakers  and your watch deserves only the best.

This tool is of high quality and offers great precision in order to minimize the risk of scratching your watch. And if you can get a spring bar tool that doesn’t scratch your watch, we think it is certainly worth it.

The Bergeon 7825 Spring Bar Tool is available to order on Amazon.

Bergeon 7825 Spring Bar Tweezer Lug Removal Fitting Tool

Bergeon 7825 Spring Bar Tool Review

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