How to Contact TAG Heuer – TAG Heuer Watches Contact Details

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How to Contact TAG Heuer – TAG Heuer Watches Contact details

TAG Heuer is one of the oldest and most well-known Swiss watch brands in the world. TAG Heuer is positioned in the entry to mid-level of Swiss watches but is still a company that focuses on the art of Swiss watchmaking, quality, and creating high-quality products. TAG Heuer is a company with a long and rich history and which is well-known all over the world.

TAG Heuer is today owned by LVHM, one of the largest luxury watch groups in the world, owning companies such as Louis Vuitton, Moët champagne, and many others. 

With TAG Heuer being owned by a giant organization, it tends to be quite difficult if you want to reach out to these giant corporations, but some companies are harder to reach than others. Unlike brands like Rolex and Tudor which don’t have any contact information available at all to the company, TAG Heuer is a lot easier to contact.

Most watch brands are b2b companies which means that they use official retailers to handle the relationship with the end customers. Whilst most TAG Heuer retail stores are independently owned, TAG Heuer does have some “boutiques” which are owned by the company.

But what if you want to contact TAG Heuer directly and not contact a retailer which may have limited information about your query? How do you get in direct contact with TAG Heuer and its employees?

If you want to contact TAG Heuer watches directly, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled a complete list of ways you can get in touch with TAG Heuer. 

Here, you can find all of the different communication channels through which you can contact TAG Heuer. Of course, there’s always the challenge of contacting large corporations of getting replies. Large organizations are overwhelmed with inquiries which means you may not always get a reply. However, with the multiple ways of contacting TAG Heuer, you can try a new method if you don’t find any success with the first.

Here we have compiled all of the different ways you can contact TAG Heuer, from sending letters, to emailing, to calling, and so on.

TAG Heuer Contact information

TAG Heuer Mailing address

TAG Heuer’s headquarters is situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. If you want to send letters directly to TAG Heuer, you can do so at the address below. Keep in mind, however, that letters are becoming less and less common and so it’s not certain that you will get a reply back. However, this method can be effective if you don’t expect a response but only want to communicate praise or inform them about a complaint you have.

TAG Heuer’s address for sending letters is:


6A, rue Louis-Joseph Chevrolet
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds


TAG Heuer Website contact (Contact form)

TAG Heuer encourages its customers who wish to contact TAG Heuer to do so via the contact form on its website. You can find and use the TAG Heuer contact form here.

TAG Heuer Fax

TAG Heuer also has a fax which you can try contacting them with:

Fax: +41 32 919 90 00

The fax number below goes to TAG Heuer’s headquarters in Switzerland.

TAG Heuer email addresses

TAG Heuer encourages its customers to contact them via the contact form on the website. TAG Heuer doesn’t publish any public email directly to the company. TAG Heuer does, however, present the email addresses to its official retailers/stores in case you wish to get in touch with those.

Below, we have compiled a list of emails to TAG Heuer and various employees at the organization:

  • TAG Heuer headquarters:
  • Reception headquarters:
  • Communication:
  • Data/privacy:
  • Houston Tag Heuer boutique:
  • Tag Heuer boutique Fukuoka:
  • International PR manager:
  • TAG Heuer boutique Le Bon Marché:
  • General inquiries:
  • TAG Heuer connected inquiries:

Phone numbers to TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has a long list of phone numbers for a large number of countries. These numbers will take you to a local TAG Heuer representative in your local country who speaks your local language. This is a great way to get in direct contact with TAG Heuer and get help with any inquiries you may have – in your local language.

TAG Heuer headquarters Switzerland: +41 32 919 80 00

Albania: +41 32 919 80 60
Austria: +43 800 297 349
Bosnia and Herzegovina: +41 32 919 80 60
Belgium: +32 80 02 65 08
Bulgaria: +359 877 255 488
Croatia: +385 155 128 96
Cyprus: +357 22 759 915
Czech Republic: +41 32 919 80 60
Germany: +49 (0) 800 081 3970
Denmark: +45 45 26 91 91
Estonia: +41 32 919 80 60
Finland: +358 44 740 3334
France: +33 (0) 800 991 068
Greece: +30 210 3247249
Hungary: +36 1 269 4199
Ireland: +44 1204 861 168
Iceland: +41 32 919 80 60
Italy: +800 58 26 83
Lithuania: +41 32 919 80 60
Monaco: +800 94 503
Malta: +39 2202371
Netherlands: +800 0232936
Norway: +47 99 123 000
Poland: +48 885 866 766
Portugal: +351 800 841 004
Romania: +40 21 231 4566
Russian Federation: +7 495 621 90 40
Serbia: +381 64 822 34 49
Slovenia: +386 513 038 67
Slovakia: +421 7077 805750
Spain: +34 900 905 466
Sweden: +46 54 12 00 40
Switzerland: +41 800 005 858
United Kingdom: +441 204 86 11 68
Canada: +1 877 444 0824
Dominican Republic: +1 855 824 1860
Guatemala: +1 855 824 1860
Mexico: +52 (55) 5029 8900
Panama: +1 855 824 1860
Peru: +1 855 824 1860
Puerto Rico: +1 855 824 1860
United States: +1 855 824 1860
Australia: +61 1800 809 915
China: +86 400 650 6218
Hong Kong: +86 21 36211286
Indonesia: +62 2129272708
Japan: +813 5635 7030
Korea: +822 3279 9000
Macau: +86 21 3621 1286
New Zealand: +61 1800 809 915
Taiwan: +886 21 3621 1286
Bahrain: +971 54 994 2052
Burundi: +41 32 919 80 60
Botswana: +27 11 669 0500
Ghana: +41 32 919 80 60
Israel: +41 32 919 80 60
Jordan: +971 54 994 2052
Kuwait: +971 54 994 2052
Lebanon: +971 54 994 2052
Maldives: +41 32 919 80 60
Mauritius: +971 54 994 2052
Morocco: +212 522 362 705
Niger: +41 32 919 80 60
Qatar: +971 54 994 2052
Saudi Arabia: +971 54 994 2052:
Senegal: +41 32 919 80 60
South Africa: +27 11 669 0500
Turkey: +90 212 354 14 20
United Arab Emirates: +971 54 994 2052

Tag Heuer repair center/service center

TAG Heuer has more than 100 repair centers around the world. The repair centers will be able to assist you with any issues you may have with your watch including service and repair. To find the details to a repair center, click on this link and find the repair center that is the closest to you. Each repair center will be listed with its respective contact details.

TAG Heuer official retailers

Like most luxury watch brands TAG Heuer’s primary distribution channel is through independent, official retailers. But on top of this, TAG Heuer has, as mentioned, also a few dedicated TAG Heuer boutiques.

You can find all the TAG Heuer retailers here. In the link, find the retailer that is the closest to you and look at their contact details. This isn’t a way to contact TAG Heuer directly, however, a TAG Heuer retailer will be able to assist with most inquiries that you have. Whether you are looking for a particular watch or have questions about a timepiece, a retailer will be able to assist you.


Contact TAG Heuer via social media

TAG Heuer is active on multiple social media platforms. This means that you can also use these social media platforms to contact TAG Heuer directly. However, bear in mind that social media is not the ideal way to get in touch with TAG Heuer if you are expecting a response. TAG Heuer receives countless of messages on social media on a daily basis and most do not get a reply. However, it can still be worth a try. If you don’t get a response, you can always try a different social media platform and see if you have better luck.

TAG Heuer watches Instagram

TAG Heuer uses Instagram and it can therefore be a way to reach out to the company. You can either send them a Direct Message (Private message) or leave a comment on one of their post. However, bear in mind that with the great number of comments they receive on their Instagram posts, they generally don’t reply to comments.

TAG Heuer watches Facebook

TAG Heuer is also active on Facebook. Here, you can either leave a comment on one of their posts or try sending a private message.

TAG Heuer watches YouTube

TAG Heuer uses YouTube however the only way to reach out to TAG Heuer via this social channel is by leaving a comment on one of their videos. This is since YouTube does not have any private message function.

About TAG Heuer Watches

The history of TAG Heuer can be traced back to 1860. This was when the 20-year old Edouard Heuer opened up a workshop in Saint Imier, Switzerland.

Edouard Heuer invented the oscillating pinion in 1887 and is an invention that many chronographs still use to this day. The official founding date that TAG Heuer uses is 1860.

TAG Heuer is a company that is closely associated with racing and chronographs. The company is responsible for having invented numerous important chronograph-related innovations and inventions, amongs other things, an on-board chronograph for installation within the instrument panels of cars and aircraft which was used to indicate the duration of a journey. TAG Heuer came up with the invention in 1911.

Jack Heuer,  the great-grandson of the founder became the last member of the Heuer family to manage the company. Jack Heuer also became the most famous leader for TAG Heuer due to several important inventions and designs that he came up with.

Jack Heuer designed the Carrera Chronograph in 1963 and stil to this day, the Carrera is one of the most popular and iconic TAG Heuer models ever.

As you may know, the company was named “Heuer” for all of its early history. But in 1985, Heuer was acquired by TAG group and consequently, the name of the watch brand changed to TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer was later acquired by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) but the name of the brand remained unchanged, and has been so to this day.

TAG Heuer is a Swiss wach company that focuses on quality and the art of Swiss watchmaking. Howver, it is also a company that has a broad spectrum of timepieces in different price categories. TAG’s most affordable watches start at less than 1000 dollars but can go up to as much as tens of thousands.

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