Millenary Watches Now Official Retailer of Everest Bands

Everest Bands watch straps Official Retailers

Millenary Watches Now Official Retailer of Everest Bands

We at Millenary Watches are proud to announce that we are now official retailers of Everest bands premium watch straps.

Everest makes their straps in Switzerland by the leading manufactures and watch industry experts. The finest watches are Swiss, so it would make sense to manufacture the finest straps to go with those watches, in the same country.

Everest is the leader in the industry of watch straps, making watch straps that are made to perfection, each with materials that are carefully selected to give the straps the best characteristics possible. Having a multitude of straps to choose from allows you to change the personality of your watch and give it a new life, and select strap based on occasion, purpose, mood, and outfit.

We are honored to work with, what we think, is the best strap company in the industry, and to be able to offer our customers the best watch accessories.

We are also happy to be able to offer other high-quality, premium accessories, such as tools, and watch rolls.

Explore our brand new Everest Horology Products section now!

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