Rolex Slogan: What is It?

Rolex Slogan: What is it?

A logo is a symbol of distinction for a company. Promote and market it properly and you won’t even have to mention the brand name as people will recognize it instantly. In fact, Rolex is the company that has done this the best as it is ranked as it has been ranked as the world’s most reputable brand several years in a row as well as the most recognizable watch brand in the world.

Apart from a logo and from a brand name, companies also often have slogans. Sometimes one, sometimes several. These slogans are meant to describe and highlight what the company is and/or what it stands for.

So this brings us to the natural question: does Rolex have any slogans?

Rolex slogans

As a matter of fact, Rolex uses two slogans in its marketing, and below, we will list them and discuss why they are used, and what the idea behind them is. Earlier in its history, the company has also used a few others, but it can be difficult to distinguish which are in fact a slogan, and which are just taglines for marketing campaigns.

Every Rolex Tells a Story

The idea behind the slogan ”every Rolex tells a story”, is to highlight successful individuals by telling their story. The stories also incorporate how these individuals got their personal Rolex watch (which they have often had for a long time). As the stories prove, these individuals bought their Rolex watches for different, but equally personally important reasons.

With this slogan, Rolex wishes to highlight that buying a Rolex is so much more. It’s a memory for life.

A Crown for Every Achievement

With this slogan, Rolex wishes to highlight and emphasize that it is a brand for successful individuals. When you reach success, you buy a Rolex. And most importantly, the individuals who buy Rolex watches have achievements. With this slogan, Rolex also wants to establish a ”concept” and idea that for each achievement you have, you should buy a Rolex to celebrate and commemorate this event. The crown analogy, of course, refers to their logo, which all of their watches carry.

Rolex has a close relationship with achievements and success. Not to mention the company’s own inventions and innovations, but Rolex watches have also been worn by many of the most successful individuals throughout history.

Live for greatness

This is a slogan or tagline that Rolex has used in its marketing and promotions. It is not a slogan that we see Rolex using anymore. It may just have been the case that Rolex decided that the slogan “A crown for every achievement” mediated the same message, but sounded better and got the message out in a better way.

The idea behind this slogan probably doesn’t need much introduction. It is based on the fact that successful people wear Rolex watches, in order to establish a brand image of success. It wants to attract successful people, but it also wants people to feel successful when buying a Rolex. This is based on the fact that you should buy a Rolex watch after an achievement.

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