Rolex Submariner Movements (calibers) Complete Guide

Rolex Submariner 114060

 Rolex Submariner Movements

What movements does the Rolex Submariner use?

Which movements have the Submariners used over the years?

Over the years, Rolex has released a number of different Submariner references. The main purpose of this is to release improved and revised models that offer improved legibility, improved reliability, and better design. Seeing that the Submariner was first released in the 1950s, Rolex has had some time to reiterate the model and consistently improve it.

One such improvement is the consistent change of the movement of the Submariner to allow for better reliability, better performance, and improved reliability. Below you can find each Rolex Submariner steel reference and the movement they have used.

  • Submariner 6204: Rolex caliber A260.

  • Submariner 6200: Rolex caliber A296/775.

  • Submariner 6205: Rolex caliber A260 9 3/4″

  • Submariner6538: Rolex caliber 1030.

  • Submariner 5508: Rolex caliber 1530

  • Submariner 5510: Rolex caliber 1530.

  • Submariner 5512: Rolex caliber 1530 and caliber 1560 (can be seen when the four lines entered the dial) “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified”

  • Submariner 5513: Rolex caliber 1530 and 1520.

  • Submariner 5514:Rolex caliber 1520

  • Submariner 1680: Rolex caliber 1570

  • Submariner  16800: Rolex caliber 3035

  • Submariner 168000: Rolex caliber 3035

  • Rolex Submariner no-date 14060: Rolex caliber 3000

  • Rolex Submariner date 16610: Rolex caliber 3135

  • Rolex Submariner no-date 14060M: Rolex caliber 3130

  • Rolex Submariner Date 116610: Rolex caliber 3135

  • Rolex Submariner no-date 114060: Rolex caliber 3130

  • Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN: Rolex caliber 3235

  • Rolex Submariner no-date 124060: Rolex caliber 3230

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