TAG Heuer Calibre 5 Complete Guide

Tag Heuer Calibre 5

TAG Heuer calibre 5 Complete Guide

The Tag Heuer calibre 5 is a movement (caliber) used by Tag Heuer for a large number of watches. In fact, it may very well be TAG’s most well-known caliber. TAG Has several different variations of the Calibre 5. It is one of TAG’s go-to flagship movements.

It uses the ETA 2824-2 as its base, but TAG has in turn given it the name calibre 5. However, it can also be based on the Sellita SW200.

 It is an automatic movement with a bidirectional rotor. It has a power reserve of 42 hours and beats at a frequency of 28800 vph. The movement it uses as its base, the 2824, has a power reserve of 38 hours, but TAG has upped the power reserve to 42 hours.

In terms of functions, it displays hours, minutes, seconds, and the date. It has a diameter of 25.6mm. Inside the movement are 25 jewels. The Sellita has 26 jewels.

The movement is Swiss made. It cannot, however, be called an in-house movement.

Depending on the version, the calibre 5 can be decorated differently.  Some versions have ”Côtes de Genève”, but all versions are engraved “TAG Heuer — Calibre 5 — Swiss Made”.

Tag Heuer calibre 5 accuracy

How accurate is the Tag Heuer calibre 5? To begin with, it is, in general, not a COSC certified movement.

There are, however, variations of the Calibre 5 that are COSC certified, including the movement for the Autavia calibre 5. This means an average daily rate on the first 10 days of testing: from -4 sec to +6 sec.

TAG Heuer calibre 5 specifications

  • Power reserve: 42 hours
  • Frequency: 28800 VPH
  • Jewels: 25 on ETA and 26 on Sellita
  • Functions: Date, seconds, minutes, hours
  • Base: ETA2824-2 or Sellita SW200

5 thoughts on “TAG Heuer Calibre 5 Complete Guide

  1. hi , why do my watch lost all the fluorescent light ….

    1. Hi,
      Some watches lose their luminescence over time due to aging.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  2. Thank you for the break down on the Calibre 5 movement. I recently received an Isograph and wondered how you could tell the difference from the original Calibre 5 vs. the Isograph. (I am not sure if it a prototype or one of the few that was sold) Thanks for your help!!

    1. Hi,
      The Isograph says Isograph on the dial. The newer version with calibre 5 has “Autavia” on the dial.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  3. Ageing usually applies to vintage watches that are around 30+ years od, an Aquaracer Calibre 5 Auto is relatively modern, it’s lume should still hold. I have oder Vostoks and Seiko’s that have same lume decades on and never needed a service.

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