Rolex Books – Top 13 Best Books About Rolex Watches

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Rolex Book – Top 13 Books About Rolex Watches Every Rolex enthusiast needs

Every watch enthusiasts needs a collection of watch-related books. Not only can these work as a nice interior detail to your home in your bookshelf or as coffee tables, but they can also provide a nice read and give you lots of valuable insights and information.

If you are a Rolex watch enthusiasts, then starting out with books specifically focused on Rolex watches is a great idea.

We have in this article talked about books on watches in general, but below, we dig into books solely dedicated to and focused on Rolex watches. Many of these books provide not only interesting history and images, but also valuable in-depth knowledge and details that can not be found anywhere else.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Rolex Watches – The Ultimate Guide: An extensive Rolex guide for the devoted enthusiast and novice collector


We don’t mean to toot our own horn here but we are proud to present the book that we at Millenary Watches have written. This Rolex book is meant as an extensive guide to the world of Rolex, from the very early beginning and the founding of the company – to modern time. The book includes hundreds of stunning photos of Rolex watches, from rare and collectible timepieces to more common modern timepieces.

Apart from digging deep into the history of Rolex, it takes a closer look at different models, discusses little-known facts, and works as a resource guide about everything from production years to rare dials, and much more. Its combination of beautiful imagery and detailed information makes just as great as a coffee table book as a resource guide. We hope that you will enjoy it! If you have a few seconds to spare, we would be happy if you could leave a review and let us know what you think!

Top Rolex books every Rolex enthusiast needs

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The Best of Time: Rolex Wristwatches : An Unauthorized History- Hardcover

This is one of the most popular and in-depth books about Rolex watches. This book contains 392 beautiful photos, accompanied by extensive history about the Rolex brand and its watches. 

It contains lots of insightful information for collectors as well as discussed market values. It focuses particularly on vintage Rolex watches, so if you really want to get into the details, this is a great book to get.

A review states ”it is a requirement for any serious collector of Rolex vintage watches.” and we couldn’t agree more.


Rolex: 3,621 Wristwatches Hardcover

This Rolex book highlights 3,621 Rolex watches across 14 different model lines. It goes into detail about the most important technical details and specifications. There are few books (or websites) where so much in-depth information is gathered in one place. It gives a great overview of different watches as well as various versions of them.

It is particularly focused on vintage Rolex watches and a must-have for any vintage Rolex watch nerd.


The Rolex Report: An Unauthorized Reference Book For The Rolex Enthusiast

The Rolex Report is a book that has been written with 10 years of research and presented with 288 pages and over 400 photos. It goes through the history of Rolex chronologically and goes in-depth about each Rolex model as well as their variations and how they have progressed over the years.

The book is particularly appreciated as it gives in-depth tips on how to identify counterfeit Rolex watches.

All in all, it is a valuable resource that no Rolex enthusiasts should live without.


Vintage Rolex: The Largest Collection in the World Hardcover

This book is written by The Vintage Watch Company – one of the most famous and well-respected vintage watch dealers in the world.

It features more than 1800 Rolex watches and goes through some of the world’s most rare Rolex timepieces. It contains more than 760 color photographs.

It is a great coffee table book, but what is inside it is even more interesting. The high-quality beautiful photos are really the highlight of this book, and whilst some people argue it would have been nice with a bit more in-depth information about each timepiece, the beautiful photos give a great overview of different vintage Rolex models.

The book contains watches from early Rolex pocket watches to the world’s first wristwatches, and tons of other watches further in Rolex’s history such as early Submariners and Daytonas, as well as many more rare Rolex watches.


The Book of Rolex Hardcover

This book is considered a must-have amongst Rolex watch enthusiasts.

It goes in-depth about vintage Rolex models, rare special editions, and uncommon watches that you may not have seen before. It goes through how to spot a fake Rolex, in-depth information about Rolex’s manufacturing process, materials used, and what goes into making a Rolex watch.

It also discusses the concept and history behind each model and what purpose it serves. It is both a nice coffee table book as well as a valuable resource with information.


The Rolex Story Hardcover

This hardcover book goes through the story of Rolex and what has made it what it is today. It talks about Rolex’s early days with the first water-proof Oyster timepiece, has beautiful pictures, and gives a great overview of the brand. It’s not as in-depth as some of the other books about Rolex, but it’s a great start for those who want to learn more about Rolex and its history.


Rolex Wristwatches: An Unauthorized History -Hardcover

This is a must-have Rolex book for any watch enthusiasts. This is a revised and expanded third edition that contains an in-depth look at Rolex’s movements, stunning images, and perhaps the most extensive history guide of Rolex ever written.

It has an insightful balance between history and different models which are sure to add to your knowledge.


Rolex Daytona Self-Winding Hardcover

This book is written by one of the most famous Rolex publishers, Mondani.

This specific book is 100% focused on the Self-winding Daytona models and contains 320 pages of Self-winding Daytona history from 1988 with the reference 16520, and goes through, in-depth about different dial variations and iterations. 

It is an extremely valuable resource for those who want to become experts about the Daytona and learn about little-known information that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Furthermore, it gives you a great insight into the technical features of all Daytona watch parts including movements, dials, bezels, subdials, case backs, hands, indexes, pushers as well as differences between these.

The book is particularly focused on variations in dials and bezels as there are many different variations of these throughout the year, which also affect collectibility.

Lastly, it goes through modern Rolex Daytona watches including the ceramic Daytona and more. Another valuable feature is that it includes a list of the dials that can be fitted to each reference and in-depth information about alphanumeric codes stamped on the bracelet clasps.


Manual Winding Daytona Hardcover

This is another book written by Mondani, but this time about the manual-winding Daytona, meaning a bit earlier in Rolex’s history.

Just like the book about the self-winding Rolex Daytona, this book provides extremely insightful and in-depth information about the manual-winding Daytonas, including little-known details that are the result of thorough research.

If you want to become an expert on Daytona watches, then this book is truly a must-have.



This book from Mondani focuses on the Rolex GMT-Master and is an updated version that now also contains information about new models such s the 126710BLRO, 126711CHNR, and more.

Do we really need to say anything more than that it covers virtually everything there is to know about the GMT-Master?

It particularly highlights information that is difficult to find in regards to variations of the bezels, dials, and cases which can affect the collectability of a watch enormously.

This book takes you through the very beginning of the GMT-Master model all the way to modern times. It also includes prototypes, military models, bracelets, and all case and dial variants.

In other words, a very valuable resource for any Rolex enthusiast.


Rolex Highlights (Wristwatch Highlights Series) Hardcover

This beautiful Rolex coffee table book is suitable for the novice collector who wants to get a good overview of the Rolex brand. It contains lots of different beautiful photos of Rolex watches and provides some information about them.

It is not an in-depth guide if you want to get into a very detailed level of Rolex watches, but it is perfect for those who are just starting out.


Vintage Rolex Sports Models, 4th Edition: A Complete Visual Reference & Unauthorized History 4th Edition

This book is a comprehensive and detailed reference guide to Rolex sports models and goes through the history of each of these models, including the Sea-Dweller, Explorer, GMT-Master, Turn-O-Graph, Milgauss, and Cosmograph all the way from 1952 to 1990. 

The book covers more than 140 vintage watches described in detail in chronological order. Apart from the valuable information that accompanies each model, it also contains beautiful images.

It also comes with a current price guide for every model shown in the book.


The Watch Book Rolex: New, Extended Edition Hardcover

This is an updated version of what is unarguably one of the most popular Rolex books ever made.

It is a best-selling reference book which is also extremely popular as a coffee table book thanks to its nice green design.

This book about Rolex contains hundreds of beautiful photos, and insightful information about Rolex’s history and tradition. It also goes through a large number of different timepieces and models and pays some attention to present models as well. This is the ultimate Rolex reference guide for really learning about Rolex, its history, and its timepiece in detail.


Bonus tip

64 Amazing Rolex Watches: An overview of iconic and stunning Rolex creations


This is another book that we have written. It’s primarily created as a Rolex photobook that presents 64 different Rolex watches with beautiful imagery and striking photography. Each timepiece is accompanied by a short background that presents key information about the timepiece. It’s particularly suitable as a coffee table book for when you want to flip through pages and get inspired by the wonderful world of Rolex timepieces.


Choosing the best book about Rolex watches

Choosing a book about Rolex watches is not as complicated as choosing a Rolex watch, so we won’t go into a complete guide of what you should think about. But these things can be good to keep in mind:

Do you want a book to learn or a coffee table book?

A coffee table book is meant to work as interior decoration and as something you can turn the pages in when you’re bored or waiting for something. With that said, this type of book should have a nice exterior design, but they usually have predominantly photos. There are Rolex books that are packed with text and meant to be highly informative, but there are also books that are meant to be more inspirational, and these work best as coffee table books.

What do you want to learn about?

This is rather self-explanatory, but you should choose a Rolex book that is focused on what it is that you want to learn more about. For example, some books focus on the world of vintage Rolex watches and teach you what you need to know about them. Other books may, for example, focus on a specific model which allows it to go really in-depth about the nitty-gritty. With this said, it can be good to define whether you’re looking to learn more about a specific model, vintage watches, or just want to learn about the Rolex brand in general and its history.

Look at the writer

Different books have different writing qualities. Some are just scratching the surface and are written by people who don’t actually have a lot of experience and expertise to go in-depth. Other books are written by highly authoritative individuals who have tremendous knowledge about Rolex watches and will teach you things that you cannot learn anywhere else. Ideally, you should naturally look for books that have been written by well-known and authoritative individuals who are known to have great expertise in Rolex watches.

Look at reviews

You’re usually able to find reviews and ratings about books. This can be a great way to assess the quality and to learn more about what a book is about in detail. On Amazon, you’re usually able to read reviews about products at the bottom of the product you’re looking at.


These are the most popular books about Rolex watches today. New ones are consistently being released, but the fact that a lot of these books are several years old just proves how great they are. Do you have any recommendations on other great Rolex books? We’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Is there a book specific to sport Rolex variations on dials, hands, and inserts?

    1. Hi,
      Some books discuss this topic but we have not yet seen a book that is entirely dedicated to dial variations.
      Our own book goes into detail about things like Swiss only, T Swiss T, White gold hands/steel hands etc so to some extent it discusses these topics. You can find it here:

      Kind regards,
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