Tudor Retail Price Increase 2020!

Tudor retail price increase 2020

Tudor Retail Price increase in 2020!

We previously reported that Rolex increased its prices for 2020.

Since Tudor is Rolex’s little brother, the brand follows the same path and announces a Tudor price increase for 2020. Starting from January 1st, 2020, Tudor increases its recommended retail prices with immediate effect.

If you visit Tudorwatch.com, you can indeed see that the prices have increased.

Do note, however, that similarly to Rolex, the Tudor price increase will vary depending on the country and the local currency. The Tudor price increase is worldwide and will affect the pricing in some shape or form all over the globe.

See the updated Tudor retail prices in your local currency on Tudorwatch.com

The price increase is around 5-10% for Tudor watches, but it varies depending on the model, country, and currency.

The increase of Tudor retail prices comes very conveniently since starting from January 2020, all Tudor watches sold come with a five-year warranty as opposed to the previous 2 years. So while the prices have become higher, Tudor has added a greater value proposition to its watches, which is a warranty which is just as long as some of its more expensive competitors’, for example, Omega.

I am on a waiting list for Tudor watch from an Authorized retailer, will I pay the new Tudor retail price?

This is a common question that is asked every time a new price increase is due.

If you are on the waiting list for a watch from Tudor and you have not yet received it before 2020, it is the new retail price you will pay.

The same applies to if you have put down a deposit for the watch you are waiting for. You will still be paying the new retail price. Now, some retailers will honor the old retail price if you have put down a deposit or paid the watch in full in advance, but most will follow the new price list, which is in fact, what they should do according to Tudor and the new guiding retail prices.

Tudor watches on the secondhand market

The Tudor price increase won’t have an immediate effect on the prices of Tudor watches on the secondhand market, however, over time, we can expect it to have an effect.

The secondhand market is not required to follow the recommended retail price but rather is based on supply and demand. However, the natural effect is that the price on the secondhand market will slowly increase. After all, it is in particular, these price increases that have made Tudor’s bigger brother Rolex into ”good investments”, and we might see the same with Tudor in the long term. Time will tell.

Yes, Tudor increases their retail prices, which, at least, in theory, gives you as a customer less bang for your buck compared to the previous retail price. But have in mind, however, that starting from January 1st, all Tudor watches will come with a five-year international manufacturer’s warranty. So considering the great increase in the length of the Tudor warranty, the price increase seems like a relatively small price to pay.

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