How Students Express Themselves Through Wearing Watches

How Students Express Themselves Through Wearing Watches

How Students Express Themselves Through Wearing Watches

Watches have now been replaced with smartwatches, and while they offer a list of user benefits, there is lingering importance of classic items. Watches are a simple accessory that offers a fair share of its benefits.

The fact that they predominantly hold a significant market share restores faith in buying a classic analog watch. Students may argue that the presence of multiple gadgets that display the time diminishes the need to purchase one just for the sake of timekeeping.

Adds a personal style 

Traditional watches have a long list of variations and styles that help distinguish their style from the rest. The market is flooded with watches made using leather straps, complicated metal designs, sporty models, and embellishments as personal as one’s clothing style.

Many students distinguish their styles by wearing a similar design watch regularly. The choice of a watch design and structure talks volumes about one’s personal styling preferences. Students love to stick to their watch designs and style, which helps create a personality that they aspire to become or already have. A watch choice selection also helps make way to choose a style in clothes and other accessories.

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Used to portray simplicity 

In today’s world that is crowded with electronic gadgets and technology, the wristwatch offers simplicity, and takes care of one task, i.e., tells you the time. A traditional watch does not come with any distractions as opposed to a smartphone. Students who use such watches are easily classified as simple and minimalist. That is a good attribute for one surrounded by many gadget enthusiasts who rely upon technology to meet all their needs.

Shift in focus with traditional watches 

As students use smartwatches or their mobile phones to check the time or mark their calendars for the next upcoming activity, there is little realization that this can quickly become a distraction. Taking a closer look at the reasons behind distractions, smartphones offer various features that can keep a person busy for hours without realizing it.

Students who opt for traditional watches are often saved by spending enormous time on a smartphone when all they took out was to check the time. Any student trying to study will be easily distracted by their gadgets, which leads to losing precious study time to mindless scrolling on devices. If you want to get rid of this habit, a good idea would be to wear traditional watches at college and avoid unnecessary scrolling on the phone.

Come across as mature

It is a notion that those who wear a classic analog watch are mature, hold a class and sophistication. Attracted to the idea of coming across as an intelligent individual, students intend to buy watches that can help them achieve the same.

Just as a person’s style talks about their personality and traits, watches do pretty much the same. Students often ditch their smartwatches and gadgets for a particular day like interviews, parties, and functions at the college premises.

Display love for retro

The many who still wear watches far away from technology are lovers of retro, which has its alleviated importance. Students who love old-school items and prefer a simple world over the buzz of technology often wear cool classics instead of donning a smart gadget on their wrists. Entirely depending on the dynamics and choices, students often seek to mingle with peers from a similar school of thought.

Watch brands come out with vintage collections that are a beautiful blend of classic with modern-day designs. There is a lot in store for analog watch lovers, for they can display their love for classics and still have an edge of modernism in the watches.


There exists a clear distinction between tech lovers and old-school charmers. There lies great talking and truth about one’s personality through the choice of watches. Watches are a timeless product and sure never goes out of style. You can trust your traditional watch to never go out of battery. Nor do they come with a need to upgrade with the changing trends in technology or fear large ticket spending upon a technical failure.

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