Hublot Serial Numbers – Complete Guide

Hublot serial numbers

Hublot serial numbers guide [Spotting Fake Hublots]

All luxury watches, regardless of brand and model are equipped with a unique serial number.

The serial numbers can have different formats and can be found in different places depending on the type of watch. But the main purpose of the watch serial number remains the same. What can differ, however, is the format of the serial numbers that the manufacturers use.

The main reason why watches have serial numbers is to be able to identify them. If each watch has a unique serial number, it becomes easy to identify it during the production, in service, if it’s lost, and so on.

However, some manufacturers also structure their serial numbers in particular orders so that the serial number format itself can provide information about the watch.

In this article, we will look closer at Hublot serial numbers and everything you need to know about them.

Hublot serial numbers

The serial number of a Hublot watch is engraved on the case back of the watch. The serial number is unique to the watch and will help Hublot know more about the watch as the number is kept in its database.

The serial number can be used to join Hublot’s Hublotista program, which can include an extended warranty.

When you sign up for the Hublotista program, you will be asked to provide details about your watch. If Hublot then sees that there is something strange about your serial number, for example, that it doesn’t match the serial number that the model that the serial number was actually used for. Or that the serial number doesn’t exist at all. If this is the case, Hublot will deny your registration of the Hublotista program, which can be an indication that you have a counterfeit watch.

Authenticate Hublot watch

Can you authenticate a Hublot watch using the serial number? Yes, but it’s not surefire. There are several reasons why it can be difficult to authenticate your Hublot watch using the serial number. Look at the serial number of your watch engraved on the case back. It is possible to call Hublot and ask them about the serial number. The problem is that counterfeiters look for serial numbers online from authentic watches, which means fake Hublots can have a ”real” serial number. However, note that the serial number must also match the model.

Call the Hublot company with the serial number to find out if the watch is genuine. In conclusion, you can move away from any assumption that you’ll have to pay the full retail price for a brand-new Hublot. As long as you do your homework, a pre-owned Hublot should keep you fashionably late for years.

The absolute best ways to authenticate a Hublot watch include having a watchmaker inspect it, using the Hublot chip card, or using the NFC reader warranty card.

Commonly used fake Hublot serial numbers

Fake Hublot watches tend to use a select number of different serial numbers. These are likely serial numbers that the manufacturers have found online or come up with at random. Because fake Hublot watches tend to choose from a specific set of serial numbers, this is actually a way to instantly spot a fake Hublot in many cases.

Bear in mind that the serial number of a watch is like the individual registration number of the watch. As such, no two watches can have the same serial number. But with fake Hublot watches, that is absolutely the case. It’s also important that manufacturers of fake Hublot watches are constantly looking for new serial numbers to use so just because your serial number is not on this list doesn’t automatically mean it is authentic.

Many of the serial numbers on fake Hublot watches are taken from watches, for example, the serial number 684378 is one that manufacturers have begun to use after an auction from Antiquorum where the serial number of a real one was presented. As such, there will always be one authentic watch with these serial numbers in these cases, but most likely,  the watch you may have is fake due to the fact that the chance that you will have that specific watch is very low compared to one of the thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of watches that the manufacturers of fake watches produce using that serial number.

Moreover, we always advise having a watchmaker inspect your watch to know for certain whether the watch is authentic or not.

Below, we have listed commonly used fake serial numbers. If your watch has this serial number, it is most likely fake:

  • 1303012
  • 607691
  • 888788
  • 992706
  • b0685
  • 615946
  • 807078
  • 704893
  • 582888
  • 882888
  • 644961
  • 686699
  • 582896
  • 582168
  • 1087596
  • 1532797
  • 1379556
  • 1101458
  • 536888
  • 684633
  • 1324319
  • 992777
  • 992703
  • 582889
  • 1155739
  • 684378
  • 684433
  • 992212

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