How Many Watches Does Patek Philippe Make Per Year?

Patek Philippe Nautilus watches

How many watches does Patek Philippe make per year?

Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. The company manufactures fine Haute horology timepieces with impressive attention to detail and with great craftsmanship.

Unlike Other Swiss brands such as Omega, Tag Heuer, Rolex, you can’t really use the word ”mass-produced” for Patek Philippe watches. All Pateks are finished and assembled by hand, whereas the mentioned manufacturers have automated many steps of the process.

This way of manufacturing timepieces naturally limits the ability to mass-produce timepieces at a large scale. In fact, it takes a lot of time to manufacture a Patek Philippe timepiece.

This leads us to the question:  How many watches does Patek Philippe make annually?

In 2018, Patek Philippe made 62,000 timepieces. To make this possible, the company employs more than 2000 employees. Note, however, that far from everyone works with the manufacturing part.

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