Rolex Caliber 3135 Ultimate Guide

Rolex Caliber 3135

Rolex Caliber 3135 Ultimate Guide

The Rolex Caliber 3135 is a movement that is used in a large number of watches from Rolex. In fact, it is so widely used across Rolex’s range that it can be considered a base movement. It is a certified Chronometer with 31 jewels, of course automatic. The rotor that powers this movement is bidirectional.

The Caliber 3135 is adjusted for five positions and temperature. It was first announced by Rolex in 1988, and almost four decades later, the movement is still in production. This really highlights Rolex as a company. The company has developed a caliber that is a true workhorse which has proven to be extremely reliable and durable. As such, Rolex sees little reason to make too many changes to the caliber 3135. After all, why change a winning concept?

Whilst we will see a new generation movement taking over where the 3135 stops, the new generation will very much still be very similar to the 3135, it will just incorporate new technology and improved materials. In fact, this transition has already begun with the caliber 3235, but let’s focus on this movement for now, which has come to become one of Rolex’s most well-known and recognized movements – the Caliber 3135.

The movement has a Parachrom hairspring, which allows greater resistance to shocks and to temperature variations (up to 10 times more resistant to shocks). It displays center seconds, hours, minutes, and date at 3 o’clock. As such, if you see a Rolex watch with a date function, chances are, it is powered by the 3135.


Unlike what some people think, Rolex movement parts are not made in pure gold or platinum. However, different parts are made in different materials. Rolex movements are primarily made in steel but also incorporate other materials for different parts in the movement due to their characteristics, for example, anti-magnetism, or low friction.

Some materials used inside Rolex movements are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Synthetic ruby (for the jewels)
  • Parachrom hairspring (Crafted from a paramagnetic alloy consisting of niobium and zirconium)
  • Glucydur (Beryllium + copper).
  • Rotor coated in Teflon
  • Microstella screws made in gold

Upgrades and changes

Over the course of its decades-long production, the caliber 3135 has been updated numerous times. These updates have not been made officially, and sometimes, the updates have been so small that even skilled watchmakers struggle to see the difference. However, these updates have not been big enough that Rolex has deemed it suitable to release a brand-new movement. Until the new generation 3235, that is.

In Rolex’s constant pursuit of perfection, they have been able to improve reliability and accuracy with the help of small tweaks and improvements. This has also, of course, contributed to making experts consider the 3135 the most reliable, accurate, and robust automatic movement ever made.


The 3135 is 28.5mm in diameter and 6mm in height.


It’s no secret, but Rolex is not a company that does decorations of the movements too well. Now, this is not because Rolex does not know how to do it. It’s because they simply don’t care, nor see a reason to do it.

Rolex watches are known to be reliable and durable workhorses that will continue to tick for years and years. Rolex is competing for reliability and accuracy, not finish.

Whilst the 3135 caliber is, by no means ugly, its finish is far from what you will find on the likes of watches from other manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Omega, Girard Perregaux, and so on.

But after all, bear in mind that Rolex makes no timepiece with a see-through case back, and probably won’t either. This is the spirit of Rolex: sporty, robust and reliable. With that said, Rolex watches are, overall very well-finished, and have strict quality controls.

As a reader once said: ”While I appreciate the craftsmanship going into a beautifully finished movement as much as the next watch enthusiast, no amount of engraving can be a substitute for accuracy and reliability”.

Rolex winding system

The Caliber 3135 is a self-winding (automatic) movement, which means that it is powered by the rotor inside which spins when the watch is subject to movement (such as when wearing the watch).

Rolex calls all its automatic movements perpetual. The two gears that allow the mainspring to be wound in either direction are coated in PTFE (Teflon). This has enabled an improved efficiency, and it is also the reason why the gears have a deep red color.

”The Caliber 3135 is the successor to Rolex Caliber 3035 and the predecessor to the caliber 3235”

Rolex Caliber 3135 power reserve

The Rolex caliber 3135 has a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. The power reserve time varies depending on how you use it.

The 3135 was originally launched as Rolex’s first high-beat movement, as it increased the balance speed from 19,800 BPH to 28,800 BPH. Today, the 28,800 BPH has become standard across Rolex’s collection of calibers. The increased beats also provide more accurate timekeeping as well as help the movement withstand stress from the outside such as shocks.

The 3135 incorporates Rolex’s Microstella system which means removing the balance screws and replacing them with four timing screws on the inside of the balance rim. Rolex invented the Microstella screws in 1957. Today, they are made of gold.

This allows for keeping the diameter of the wheel large, but without increasing mass. The free-sprung balance wheel used is made from Glucydur – a high-performance alloy made of beryllium and copper. Furthermore, it is used in conjunction with a Breguet overcoil.

An interesting detail to point out is that earlier examples of the 3135 use a Nivarox hairspring, made by a Swatch Group-owned company. But in Rolex’s pursuit of becoming 100% in-house and getting full control over each and every single aspect of its production, Rolex now uses the Parachrom Bleu in all of their watches, which is made up of niobium and zirconium. The hairspring has also been treated with an oxide coating that gives it its distinctive blue coloring

The caliber 3136 does not have Rolex’s new Paraflex shock system, but some of the 3135 family calibers do.

Rolex models using Caliber 3135

The Caliber 3135 has been used extensively across Rolex ranges and in a large number of watches. The 3135 has been used in the Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Deepsea Sea-Dweller, and Datejust.

There is information that the Rolex Datejust II uses the caliber 3135, however, this is not the case. Due to the larger size of the Datejust II, it uses a larger version of 3135 which is named 3136. The new Datejust that replaced the Datejust II, uses the new generation 3135 which is the 3235.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Caliber reference: 3135
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Display: Analog
  • Jewels: 31
  • Vibrations per hour: 28,800 BPH
  • Power reserve: 48 hours
  • Diameter: 28,5 mm
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date at 3 o’clock
  • Manufactured: In-house, Switzerland
  • Models using it: Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Deepsea, Yacht-Master, Datejust
  • Additional info: Certified chronometer

Calibers based on the Rolex 3135:

  • 3136
  • 3175
  • 9001
  • 3235

Rolex Caliber 3135 parts

The Rolex caliber uses 105 different parts, but note that multiple pieces of different parts, such as screws, are used. This means the caliber 3135 consists of closer to 200 parts.

The parts that the Caliber 3135 consists of are:

  • Main plate
  • Barrel Bridge
  • Train wheel bridge
  • Pallet bridge
  • Balance guard
  • Balance bridge
  • Minute pinion bridge
  • Winding bridge
  • Automatic device lower bridge
  • Automatic device upper bridge
  • Automatic device module
  • Winding stem
  • Winding pinion
  • Sliding pinion
  • Crown wheel
  • Crown wheel core
  • Core for intermediate crown wheel
  • Yoke for sliding gear
  • Setting lever
  • Spring for setting lever
  • Jumper for setting lever
  • Yoke for sliding pinion
  • Spring for yoke
  • Spring for balance stop
  • Setting wheel
  • Minute wheel
  • Yoke for setting wheel
  • Cover mechanism, mounted
  • Cannon pinion ht. 2.86mm
  • Hour wheel
  • Click
  • Spring for click
  • Ratchet wheel
  • Barrel arbor
  • Barrel with arbor
  • Mainspring strength standard/mainspring strength weak
  • Great wheel
  • Minute pinion with cannon pinion
  • Third wheel
  • Second wheel
  • Escape wheel
  • Pallet staff
  • Pallet fork
  • Balance staff
  • Balance with breguet hairspring timed
  • Stud support
  • Bridge for stud support
  • Driving wheel for ratchet wheel
  • Reversing wheel
  • Inion for oscillating weight
  • Spring-clip for oscillating weight: 0.18mm, 0.165mm,0.195mm
  • Bridle for spring-clip
  • Axle for oscillating weight
  • Oscillating weight
  • Date indicator seating
  • Date jumper
  • Finger for date
  • Date wheel, mounted
  • Yoke for cam
  • Spring for cam yoke
  • Intermediate date corrector wheel
  • Date corrector
  • Intermediate date wheel
  • In setting for escape wheel upper/lower
  • Shock-absorber for balance-upper
  • Regulating friction for balance bridge
  • Set of screws
  • Screw for dial
  • Screw for case
  • Screw for: balance guard, balance bridge, winding bridge, automatic device upper bridge, barrel bridge, train wheel bridge (same screw applies for all these areas).
  • Screw for: bridge of spring clip, bridle for stud holder, click, spring for setting lever, minute pinion bridge, pallet bridge, cover mechanism. (Same screw applies for all these areas).
  • Regulating nut for balance bridge height adjustment
  • Screw for: crown wheel, ratchet wheel.
  • Screw for intermediate crown wheel
  • Screw for hairspring bridle
  • Screw for date indicator seating
  • Screw for date wheel
  • Tapped foot for pallet bridge
  • Tapped foot for pallet bridge
  • yoke stud
  • Tapped foot for date wheel
  • Stud for cam yoke spring
  • Jewel for barrel arbor-upper
  • Jewel for barrel arbor-lower
  • Bush for minute pinion-lower
  • Jewel for great-wheel-upper/lower
  • In-setting for minute pinion-upper
  • Jewel for third wheel-upper/lower
  • Jewel for second wheel-upper
  • Jewel for pallet fork-upper/lower
  • Date indicator )silvered or champagne)
  • Jewel for intermediate date wheel-upper/lower
  • Jewel for yoke for cam
  • Jewel for oscillating weight lower
  • Jewel for oscillating weight upper
  • Jewel for driving wheel for ratchet wheel-lower
  • Jewel for driving wheel for ratchet wheel support
  • Spring for in setting for escape wheel-upper/lower
  • Roller
  • Stud for minute wheel
  • Shock-absorber for balance-lower
  • In setting for balance-upper/lower
  • Cap jewel for balance upper/lower
  • Spring for in.-setting for balance upper/lower
  • Jewel for: reversing wheel upper/lower, driving wheel for ratchet wheel-upper.

If you are looking for Rolex caliber 3135 parts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Do you guys Authenticate rolex movements

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  4. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date also has the 3135 movement. The Rolex 15210 is often overlooked. Fantastic unisex dress and casual watch.

  5. So is it advisable to get a 3135 Submariner or the newer 3235 one?

    1. Hi,
      The 3235 is essentially an improved and upgraded 3135. From a technical standpoint, the 3235 is better, but the 3135 is a tried and true movement that has proven to be a reliable workhorse that you cannot go wrong with.

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  6. Looking for 3135 full set movement for my Rolex watch orginal
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  7. Does all Hulks Subs already have parachrom blue springs?

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      Yes, 116610LV has Parachrom.

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    I have a Rolex Submariner 116610LV “Hulk” 2020.

    I noticed that the power reseve isn’t go full the 48 hrs. Sometimes 47 and others 47.3 hrs.

    Is normal or need service?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, that is completely normal.
      If you would say 20 hours or even 10 hours, then there is likely an issue. But if it’s only a matter of a few hours, it may depend on how the watch is worn/positioned and whether or not it has in fact been fully wound.

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  9. I am a novice to the watch movement 3135 when I take the back off the rota is tight it’s not free moving around the watch basically the movement winds up and stays good time but it’s not using the automatic winding basically I want to no how to put it into the automatic mode so it will wind the watch I want to put some new hands on which I can do , basically when I move the rota the two red gears move as well Any help please

    1. Hi,
      If the rotor does not rotate, there is likely some issue with the rotor mechanism. You should take it to a professional watchmaker who can help you. It’s difficult to say what exactly is causing the issue without inspecting it.

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  10. hello ireceved from a estate a rolex fs 3135 marked = oyster perpetual date
    submariner 1000 ft -300 m
    superlative chronometer
    officially certified
    my question is = its marked date =but there are no date
    thanks in advance stay safe ;;Roger

    1. Hi,
      Rolex watches that have incorrect markings are often fake. With that said, it sounds like the watch you are describing is.

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