What is Rolex Easy Link System? [Rolex Easylink Complete Guide]

Rolex Easylink clasp

What is Rolex Easy Link System? [Rolex Easylink Complete Guide]

What is the Rolex easy link?

The Rolex Easylink is yet another of Rolex’s clever technical inventions that help improve Rolex’s timepieces in one way or another. Specifically, the Easylink improves the wearability and usability for the wearer.

Rolex has come up with many clever inventions and patents over the years, and one of those is the Easylink extension system.

The Easylink extension is a 5mm comfort extension link that allows the wearer to either extend or shorten the bracelet by 5 millimeters.

Rolex Easylink extension system

Your wrist shrinks or swells depending on temperature variations and humidity fluctuations,  and if you have your watch on a steel bracelet, you usually don’t have any opportunity to adjust the size apart from removing a link. With that said, there will frequently be situations when your bracelet is either too small or too large.

Rolex identified that this was a major problem that a lot of people had, and therefore, Rolex introduced the Easylink extension system which solves this common issue by allowing the wearer to easily extend or shorten the bracelet by 5mm. This means that you can ensure a perfect fit at all times.

Rolex Easylink extension system

”This ingenious system allows the wearer to increase the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm, providing additional comfort in any circumstance”

Far from all Rolex watches are equipped with the Easylink system, so let’s have a look at which do.

Start by looking up your model in our Rolex bracelet reference number resource.

Remember that the Easylink is connected to the bracelet, so if two models have the same bracelet reference number, and one has the Easylink system, it means that the other model has the Easylink system as well.

If you cannot find your watch in the list, try to identify which bracelet reference number your watch has. When you have done so, you will easily be able to identify if that bracelet should come with an Easylink extension system. You can also visit Rolex.com and see the brochure online for your specific timepiece. If your watch has the Easylink, it will be mentioned in the brochure. It will also be mentioned in the physical manual that you get with your watch.

However, the easiest way to tell if your watch has the Easylink system is to simply look. The Easylink is the last link that connects the clasp and bracelet on the 12 o’clock side.

How to use Rolex Easylink extension system

The Easylink system is very easy and straightforward to use. If the Easylink is not extended, grab the end of the bracelet that is nearest to the clasp and then pull calmly yet firmly straight down from the clasp. To put the link back into position, fold it so that the ”tooth” grasps the cylindrical-shaped metal bar, and then push firmly. You will hear a click when it is locked into place.

Note that you need to open your bracelet in order to be able to adjust the Easylink system.

Glidelock vs Easylink

There have been plenty of debates and discussions where the Easylink system is compared to the Glidelock system.

Now, the purposes of these two extension systems are completely different, so it is unfair to compare them against each other.

The Glidelock will give you a much greater selection of sizes which enables a much better fine adjustment compared to the Easylink. At the same time, the clasp is bigger with Glidelock, and on most of the Easylink watches, having such a large clasp wouldn’t be an ideal match on, otherwise neat and slim watches.

Rolex Easylink for Oyster Perpetual 34

It is common for owners of an Oyster Perpetual 34 to want to add an Easylink to their Oyster Perpetual 34mm. Up until 2020, the Oyster Perpetual was not equipped with an Easylink, but instead a standard flat-end link against the clasp. In 2020, however, Role updated the Oyster Perpetual model line and made the Easylink standard on all Oyster Perpetual sizes.

To answer all of you who are considering changing to an Easylink on older Rolex Oyster Perpetual models, it is possible.

The Rolex Easylink has the part number B32-20193-D1.

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    1. Bonjour,
      Toutes les montres Rolex n’ont pas le système Easylink. Si vous l’avez, saisissez l’extrémité du bracelet où il est attaché au fermoir et tirez-le doucement mais fermement vers le bas. C’est le cas si la liaison easylink est en position verrouillée. inspectez le fermoir pour voir si vous avez déjà ouvert le lien easilink.

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