Rolex Submariner 126610LV – Novelty 2020 Complete Guide

Rolex Submariner 126610LV

Rolex Submariner 126610LV – Novelty 2020 Complete Guide

When Rolex presented their 2020 Novelties on the first of September 2020, what came a big surprise for most people was the enlarged case which previously measured 40mm according to Rolex, which was now updated to 41mm.

The new Submariner was also introduced, not unexpectedly, to the new generation caliber 3235. The bracelet is wider, the clasp is bigger and an old special dial and bezel configuration is once again introduced. Let us take a deeper look at the new Rolex Submariner reference 126610LV.

The New Case Size – 41mm

This is the largest Submariner ever created by Rolex. However, do not let the size frighten you as the 1mm increased case was an extremely clever move by Rolex in order to fix the proportions of the Submariner without making its wrist appearance smaller.
The previous Submariner Date reference 116610 (or 116610LV in green) had quite large and thick lugs, which is known as the “maxi-case”, as seen below:

Rolex Submariner 116610lv Hulk

Although the size of the previous reference is not too big, it is easy, when comparing to the new Submariner reference 126610, to see why Rolex made the increased case size and why the proportions of the watch have changed.

The previous generation Submariner compared to the new looks squared on the wrist with too thick lugs, some may say. Although it might be hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference without comparing the two side-by-side, It’s quite easy to understand why Rolex refined the case of the submariner and thereby increasing the size to 41mm to not compromise on the wrist appearance. The new case of the Submariner reminds of the old 5-digit reference Submariners, for example, the 16610, which according to many, even before the Submariner got updated in 2020, had a lot better proportions with slimmer lugs than the maxi-case Submariner 116610. The 16610/14060 case can be seen below:

Rolex Submariner 14060

Caliber 3235

What perhaps is the most meaningful and important to the Submariner is of course the updated movement which is a huge difference for the new generation Submariner compared to the previous. You can read our in-depth guide of the Caliber 3235 here, and a more detailed comparison of the previously used Caliber 3135 here.

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Caliber 3235 now offers a 70-hour long power reserve, a more robust movement, a chronergy escapement with thinner pallet stones, and double escape wheel teeth which results in a 15% increased efficiency along with friction fitted balance staff, ball-bearing monobloc perpetual rotor, and a lot more technical updates. Rolex as we know is a company that focuses on evolution rather than revolution, and the updated movement caliber 3235 really is a perfect example of this.

The movement Caliber 3135 which first debuted in 1988 is known for being a robust working horse as a movement that is really reliable. In 2015 the new caliber 3235 first debuted which is even better than the reputable caliber 3135 and now in 2020 it finally was fitted inside the Submariner case, which is huge.

A Wider Bracelet

The previous generation Submariner was fitted with an oyster bracelet which was 20mm wide. Because the case got bigger, to match the proportions, the bracelet naturally also got bigger for the new Submariner, as a result the bracelet is now 21mm which might seem too big or a difficult size, but actually fits the watch perfectly. The new clasp is also significantly bigger and wider, which gives the watch sportier and more tool-looking character.

Kermit – Cermit – Shrek – Starbucks

In 2003 the Submariner celebrated 50 years, and Rolex decided to release a 50th Anniversary Edition, reference 16610LV, which quickly acquired the nickname “Kermit”, because of its green aluminum bezel and black dial. Some might ask themselves why green is seen as a relevant color for Rolex. The answer is that the color green has become a strong brand identity and a signature color, and is therefore seen as a relevant color for special watches or anniversaries.

When the Submariner 116610 was introduced in 2010 the 50th Anniversary Rolex which was introduced in 2003 got discontinued. The model has ever since become highly collectible and sought after, and now in September 2020, Rolex decided to re-introduce the dial and bezel configuration as we previously called and knew as the “Kermit”. In other words, it is technically an important piece due to its historical connection to the 16610LV.

However, as the previous “Kermit” was equipped with an aluminum bezel and the new reference 126610LV is with a ceramic bezel, names such as “Cermit” with a C instead of a K, which indicate ceramic, started to be used, along with other nicknames such as Starbucks and Shrek.

Now, what is interesting is the choice of bezel color and the dial. What appears to be true at first glance is that the choice of the bezel is the same color as the previous Rolex Submariner “Hulk” reference 116610LV, and the dial is just like the Submariner Date Black. With that said, nor is the color new-thinking or unique, but just as mentioned before Rolex has likely decided to go for evolution rather than revolution. In this case, updating the insert from aluminum as the 50th Anniversary Rolex Submariner used, to ceramic.

What made the 50th-anniversary Submariner reference 16610LV “Kermit” collectible and a highly sought-after model is the different dial and color variations of the bezel, you can read our detailed guide to the Rolex Submariner 16610LV “Kermit” here. The question here is if Rolex decides to go down the same path with the newly released 126610LV “Cermit”. Perhaps Rolex will decide to update the color of the bezel to a different color than the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” reference 116610LV? No one can tell for sure, but being Rolex it does not sound unlikely.


What is also new for the dial layout is the crown located at the 6 o’clock position between “Swiss” and “Made”. This is new for all updated models from Rolex which has a new movement starting with 32, in this case, Caliber 3235. The text at the 6 o’clock position has evolved this time as well, and it’s safe to say that “Swiss♕Made” is the new text style, which previously only was “Swiss Made”, indicating the new generation caliber.

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