Breitling Warranty – Complete Guide to Breitling Watches Warranty

Breitling warranty

Breitling Warranty – Complete Guide to Breitling Watches Warranty

How long is Breitling’s warranty and how does It work?

Breitling is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that dates back to the 1800s. All their timepieces are subject to tests by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

In this article, we are looking closer at the Breitling warranty and how it works.

Breitling warranty – complete guide

Breitling watches are covered by a two or five-year international warranty. The warranty covers, as with most watch warranties, manufacturing defects, and inaccuracies. More on what the warranty covers and doesn’t cover further on.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase from the official Breitling retailer. Any person can claim the warranty by bringing the watch together with the original warranty card to an official retailer or any authorized Breitling service center.

When the electronic warranty card is activated at the point of sale, the following information appears on the card:

  • Model name
  • reference
  • serial number
  • name of the retailer
  • activation date as well as the international warranty length.

Note that the warranty is not connected to a person. It is connected to the warranty card and the watch.

Breitling 5-year warranty vs 2-year warranty

A Breitling watch comes with either a two or five-year warranty. Breitling watches that have an in-house (manufacture) movement come with a five-year warranty and watches with externally sourced movements have a two-year warranty.

The five-year warranty is granted under the condition that water resistance tests are performed every two years following the date of purchase by an authorized Breitling service center. These tests are done free of charge. The tests are partly done to ensure the water resistance of the watch. Due to the natural deterioration of the gaskets, in order to ensure their water resistance, a checkup every two years is necessary. If the two-year check is not performed, the warranty will be void after two years.

The Breitling warranty does not cover:

  • theft, loss, acts of God, natural disasters, and accidents (blows, shocks or crushing, etc…)
  • damage resulting from mistreatment or improper use
  • damage resulting from any tampering with the watch by any party whatsoever other than an authorized Breitling service center
  • wear and tear from normal use and aging of the watch
  • water resistance problems and their consequences if the water resistance tests have not been performed every two years
  • applications for the repair of a watch for which the warranty card has not been activated.

Bear in mind that you as a consumer are also protected by the consumers’ rights in the country in which you buy your Breitling watch.

Breitling electronic warranty

From around 2013, Breitling started using electronic warranty cards. Prior to this, Breitling used paper or plastic warranty cards.

The watches have COSC certificates with an RFID chip that can be read by a device that the authorized dealers will have in the store. 

The official retailer will activate the electronic warranty card at the point of sale. The machine will also back up to Breitling’s server, so they have a record of the watch being sold, at which AD, and the date that it was sold. This way Breitling can also keep track of their retailers’ inventories and see which watches are selling and which aren’t.

As explained by Breitling:

“What is the Breitling e-Warranty? It’s simple! Insert the e-Warranty into the card reader, place the COSC certificate under the card reader, press OK and the Breitling International Warranty is activated! If your card reader’s WIFI is configured, Breitling immediately receives the activation information with no additional effort from the user! With this information, Breitling can analyze its sales worldwide. Breitling is also able to help you choose the watches that generate the highest turnover. Every after-sales service center around the world can verify the warranty activation and provide the best service through the Breitling After Sales Services Tracking System.”

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