How Many Links does a Rolex Come with? (+ How to Count)

Rolex Oyster bracelet

How Many Links does a Rolex Come with And How to Count Them

How many links does a Rolex bracelet come with from the factory?

Rolex has a number of different bracelet designs, made for different types of watches. From the factory, Rolex watches come with full links, and when a customer buys a watch, the retailer will help size the bracelet for the customer – if they want to.

For smaller watches, targeted towards people with smaller wrists, the bracelets tend to have fewer links. For larger, sports watches, the bracelets have enough links so that they fit most wrists. It is unusual that people have so large wrists that they need to add more links than what the bracelet has from the factory.

But how many links do Rolex bracelets come with from the factory? The answer is that it varies. It also depends on how you count, because different people may give you different answers concerning the same watch. Below you can find how many links a Rolex watch comes with from the factory.

Rolex Bracelet links – How many links do different Rolex bracelets have?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most common Rolex models and the total of links they come with from the factory. Note that the total number of links indicates the number of standard links (fixed and removable) and not half-links, end links, Easylinks, etc.

Note that exact same models but with different metals (gold, steel, gold & steel, etc.) have the same number of bracelets on the links, only that the bracelet is made in a different material. A 126234 has, for example, the exact same number of links as a 126233 or a 126231.

Model & Reference Bracelet reference Number of standard links
Explorer 214270 Oyster 77200 12
Explorer 14270 Oyster 79790 12
Explorer 14270 Oyster 78360 11
Explorer 114270 Oyster 78690 11
Explorer 124270 Oyster 78GB00 12
Explorer II 16570 Oyster 78360 11
Explorer II 16570 Oyster 78790A 11
Explorer II 216570 Oyster 77210 12
Explorer II 226570 Oyster 78KB00 12


Submariner 116610LN Oyster 97200 12
Submariner 116610LV Oyster 97200 12
Submariner 116613LB Oyster 97203 12
Submariner 116613LN Oyster 97203 12
Submariner 114060 Oyster 97200 12
Submariner 116618LB Oyster 97208 12
Submariner 116618LN Oyster 97208 12
Submariner 116619LB Oyster 97209 12
Submariner 126610LN Oyster 97JB00 11
Submariner 126610LV Oyster 97JB00 11
Submariner 124060 Oyster 97JB00 11
Submariner 126618LN Oyster 97JA08 11
Submariner 126618LB Oyster 97JA08 11
Submariner 126619LB Oyster 97JA09 11
Submariner 126613LN Oyster 97JA03 11
Submariner 126613LB Oyster 97JA03 11


Air-King 116900 Oyster 71200 12
Air-King 126900 Oyster 78JB20 12
Milgauss 116400 Oyster 72400 12

Oyster Perpetual

Oyster Perpetual 31 277200 Oyster 72DB00 12
Oyster Perpetual 34 124200 Oyster 72FB00 12
Oyster Perpetual 36 126000 Oyster 72HB00 12
Oyster Perpetual 41 124300 Oyster 72JB10 12
Oyster Perpetual 39 114300 Oyster 70400 12

GMT-Master II

GMT Master II 16710 Jubilee 62510 20
GMT Master II 16710 Oyster 78360 11
GMT Master II 16710 Oyster 78790 12
GMT-Master II 116710LN Oyster 78200 12
GMT-Master II 116710BLNR Oyster 78200 12
116719BLRO Oyster 78209 12
116713LN Oyster 78203 12
126710BLRO Jubilee 69200 17
126710BLRO Oyster 79200 12
126710BLNR Jubilee 69200 17
126711CHNR Oyster 79201 12
126719BLRO Oyster 79209 12
126715CHNR Oyster 79205 12
126720VTNR Jubilee 69200 17
126720VTNR Oyster 79200 12


Daytona 16520 Oyster 78390 11
Daytona 116520 Oyster 78490 12
Daytona 116520 Oyster 78590 12
Daytona 16528 Oyster 78398 11
Daytona 16523 Oyster 783963 11
Daytona 116523 Oyster 78493 12
Daytona 116523 Oyster 78593 12
Daytona 116528 Oyster 78498 12
Daytona 116528 Oyster 78598 12
Daytona 116500LN Oyster 78590 12
Daytona 116503 Oyster 78593 12
Daytona 116508 Oyster 78598 12
Daytona 116506 Oyster 79596 12


Day-Date 128238 President 83408 22
Day-Date 228235 President 83415 22
Day-Date 228239 President 83419 22
Day-Date 228206 President 83416 22


Sky-Dweller 326934 Oyster 72220 12
Sky-Dweller 326934 Jubilee 62220 17
Sky-Dweller 326933 Oyster 72223 12
Sky-Dweller 326933 Jubilee 62223 17
Sky-Dweller 326938 Oyster 72228 12
Sky-Dweller 326935 Oyster 72225 12


Datejust 16234 Jubilee 62510 20
Datejust 16234 Oyster 78360 11
Datejust 116234 Jubilee 63600 21
Datejust 116234 Oyster 72600 12
Datejust 116234 Jubilee 63200 21
Datejust 126234 Jubilee 62800 20
Datejust 126234 Oyster 72800 12
Datejust 126334 Jubilee 62610 20
Datejust 126334 Oyster 72610 12

How many links does a Rolex bracelet come with?

On Oyster bracelets, It varies from 11 to 15 links, but a vast majority have 12. 

Professional models from Rolex come with 12 links plus the end link and either EasyLink extension system. These Rolex bracelets have 4 fixed links on each side, which are links you cannot remove. You can see which links are removable by looking at the side of the links. The removable links have a head screw in the link. The end link is a half link, and whilst some people count this as a link, it’s officially not. This is primarily what can cause some confusion, as some people will then say that a Rolex comes with 13 links. 

There are, however, exceptions to this rule as not all oyster bracelets have 12 links. Some Oyster bracelets such as the Oyster bracelet reference 78360 have 13 links which is due to the fact that the clasp is shorter.

The Rolex Oysterquartz, on the other hand, has 13 links.

How many links does Rolex Submariner have?

The new 2020 Rolex Submariner (regardless of material): 124060, 126610LN, 126610LV, 126613LB, 126613LN, 126618LN, 126618LB, 126619LB have 11 and a half links on the bracelet. This means that Rolex has removed one link and replaced it with a half link compared to the previous Submariner reference.

How many links to Jubilee bracelets have?

So how many links do Jubilee bracelets have?

Jubilee bracelets have 22 links, not factoring in the end links.

How do you count the end links?

Note that you should not count the end links. Furthermore, you should not count the extension clasp (Glidelock or Easylink), nor the half-link).

Below you can see an example of how you should count the links:

Rolex bracelet link removal and sizing

58 thoughts on “How Many Links does a Rolex Come with? (+ How to Count)

  1. Hi, any chance you can help me with my pre-owned ~2005/Y serial 118208 YG DD with *oyster* president bracelet?
    Looks like mine has full links and 1/2 links…how many links should there be originally? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi,
      The 118208 with Oyster bracelet (bracelet reference number 73208) originally has 13 standard links and one half-link (not including the clasp).

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  2. I have a early 1990 Rolex Daytona 18 karat gold model number 16528 how many links should watch come with new

    1. Hi,
      The 16528 with bracelet 78398 originally has 11 standard links.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  3. How many total links a Rolex deep sea sea dweller has? 2022 model

    1. Hi,
      The Deepsea 136660 has 11 regular links and one half-link.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  4. Hi. How many Links should the Rolex Explorer 1 Ref. 124270 have in total?

    1. Hi,
      The Explorer 124270 with 78GB00 bracelet has a total of 12 standard links.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  5. Hi,

    How many 78390 bracelet links are there on a Rolex Daytona 16520?
    12 or 13 links?

    Thank you

  6. How many total links a Rolex sea sea dweller 126603 has? 2020 model.

    1. Hi,
      The 126603 has 11 standard links + 1 half link and the diver’s extension link.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  7. Hi,

    How many links does the yacht-master 268622 come with?


    1. Hi,
      The Rolex Yacht-Master 268622 comes with 12 links from factory.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  8. Hi,
    Do you have any suggestions for those of us who with small wrists who need to remove “permanent” links? Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      There are a few options to solve this.
      The first is that it is possible to have a goldsmith solder and remove permanent links. The catch is that it is not easy or affordable. In addition, it would reduce the value of the watch as it is a modification.

      Another method is to adjust the clasp to the smallest position (if you haven’t done so already).

      Another method is to change the clasp on your bracelet to one that offers more adjustment possibilities. For example, adding a Glidelock clasp to the bracelet. Note that this is not always possible depending on the bracelet you have.

      And lastly, changing to a different strap such as a NATO strap is the last resort.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

  9. Hello,

    How many links does the yacht-master 268621 come with?


    1. Hi,
      The Yacht-Master 268621 has 12 standard links and then the Easylink.

      Kind regards,
      Millenary Watches

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