What is Rolex Rolesium? Complete Guide to Rolesium

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What is Rolex Rolesium? Complete Guide to Rolesium

What is Rolex Rolesium?

You have probably heard the term Rolesor before, but have you heard of the term Rolesium?

Over the years, Rolex has come up with a number of different names to describe its watches and the materials they use. One such name is Rolesium.

Unlike what many people believe, Rolesium is not a material but rather a combination of materials. It is exclusive to the Yacht-Master model and was introduced in 1999. Rolesium was first seen in the Yacht-Master reference 16622.

So, what is Rolesium?

Rolesium is actually the combination of 950 platinum and 904L stainless steel. The case and bracelet of the watch are made in stainless steel, but the bezel of the watch is made of 950 platinum. The benefit of this is that the bezel gets a silvery whiteness and vibrant luminosity which enhances the watch’s luxurious appearance. This allows the Yacht-Master to distinguish itself from other sportier models, as the Yacht-Master is meant to be a more luxurious and elegant sports watch.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 Blue

The Yacht-Master was also made previously with a platinum dial as part of the Rolesium material combination, and the dial is made in solid 950 platinum, unlike what many people believe.

Furthermore, there have been some speculations that only the bezel insert of the Yacht-Master is made in platinum since this hasn’t been communicated very clearly. But according to Rolex’s words, the bezel and bezel inserts are made in 950 platinum.

In Rolex’s words:

“Many Rolex watches are available with the now-legendary combination of yellow, white, or Everose gold and steel known as Rolesor, but Rolesium is a creation specific to the Yacht-Master. While the case and bracelet are in rugged Oystersteel, the bezel of the Rolesium versions is made of 950 platinum, imparting a silvery whiteness and vibrant luminosity for an unmistakable sense of luxury.”


Rolesium is yet another effort from Rolex to differentiate itself from its competitors by creating names for what seemingly is a completely new material. Rolesium is not a material that Rolex has invented but rather a combination of parts made in stainless steel and 950 platinum.

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