Why Should you Buy a Luxury Watch?

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Why Should you Buy a Luxury Watch?

This is a question we hear and receive quite frequently. The answer to this question is far more complex than you may think, so in this article, we are going to go into detail about why people buy luxury watches, and what it gives them.

What is a watch made for? For telling the time. At least on paper. With that said, it makes sense that people argue that ”I don’t need a watch because I have my phone”. And in particular why they argue that there’s no point in luxury watch seeing there are watches you can buy for a few dollars that do the same thing. Or do they?

Why do people buy luxury watches, and why should you?

In theory, it makes no sense to buy a luxury watch for the purpose of telling the time.

But that is the thing. Originally, the wristwatch was a crucial necessity for everyone, as it was the only thing with which we could keep track of the time. Nowadays, we have all this technology around us which means that you can easily check the time no matter where you are. Technically, you don’t need a wristwatch at all. Sure, you can wear a wristwatch as it allows you to discreetly and quickly glance at your wrist and instantly know the time. But this doesn’t mean you need a luxury watch to do that.

Having this in mind, is buying a luxury watch rational? Well, both yes and no. No. If you fail to see the value of a luxury watch, or simply see it from the perspective of telling you the time. Yes if you see all of the other things that a luxury watch is.

If you think about it, a lot of the things we buy are not rational. And to a large extent. 

No, we don’t really need luxury watches. But we want them.

So what is it that makes us want luxury watches? Here are the main reasons you should buy a luxury watch, and the top reasons that prove why buying a luxury watch isn’t all that irrational, after all.

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1. It has been a goal of yours

There is not much that gives as much sense of enjoyment as achieving a long goal of yours.

Many people have a lifelong goal of buying a luxury watch. And have been eyeing a particular watch for a long time. You have aspired to own this watch for a long time, and when you finally have the financial opportunity to achieve your goal, the watch gets a greater meaning for you personally. It’s a symbol of success and achieving your goals.

2. High quality and long-lasting

One of the key differences between a cheap watch and a luxury watch is its quality.

A luxury watch has high quality and is made to last for years and generations. Most cheaper watches, you buy and wear until they break, then throw away and buy a new one. With that said, the watch doesn’t mean anything to you.

A luxury watch, on the other hand, is something that will follow you through all of life’s events, and that will continue to tick year after year. A luxury watch can last for generations with the proper care, and this makes a luxury watch something truly special.

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Furthermore, it makes luxury watches perhaps the best heirloom there is.

With that said, a luxury watch is a perfect heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

3. Status symbol

There’s no denying that a luxury watch can be a status symbol. This is particularly true for the most iconic and recognizable watch models from the most iconic and well-known brands.

Many luxury watches will fly under the radar, but in these cases, you will know what you are wearing, and it will bring you enjoyment. Most people do not wear a luxury watch mainly because they want to ”flex” or show their status. But naturally, due to the marketing and prestige that is built up by the manufacturer, to create a particular image, you will associate it with success and it will work as a status symbol.

Rolex 116613LB

For some, the status symbol that a luxury watch can be is important, other people couldn’t care less. But regardless, the fact that you know what you are wearing is well enough for boosting your confidence and being proud of what you wear.

4. Value placement or even investment

A luxury watch can prove to be a great investment and placement of your money.

However, with that said, this does not mean that you can buy any luxury watch and expect it to increase in value. Like most things, most watches will decrease in value. And like all investments, it requires expertise and knowledge to know what to buy. Read our tips on buying watches as an investment here:

Because luxury watches are qualitative objects that last for generations, they are great objects for collectors. Vintage and older luxury watches also have a large secondhand market.

Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic 116710LN 2010

As a general rule, the more prestigious and sought-after the brand is, the better investment it will prove to be. Having this in mind, Rolex and Patek Philippe are especially two brands that have proven to be the best investments. There are of course many exceptions to this rule, and our best tip is to research and educate yourself about this in order to make the wisest financial decisions.

Most people do not buy luxury watches with the intention of them being investments, but if they prove to be just that, it’s a nice bonus.

5. Craftsmanship

One of the reasons you should buy a luxury watch (and why luxury watches are so appreciated), is because of their craftsmanship.

Luxury watches are pieces of craftsmanship that have been manufactured with great attention to detail and passion.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the watch is, the more craftsmanship and work have gone into it. When you understand just how much work and attention goes into making a luxury watch, you can truly appreciate them for what they are.

A cheap watch that you wear solely for the time sake of telling the time cannot be compared to a luxury watch. Sure, the core purpose of them is the same, but a luxury watch is so much more.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 caseback

A luxury watch is not just a watch. It’s a piece of art of which years have gone into research and development, and countless hours have been required in order to produce it. When you understand that, you see luxury watches from a completely different angle and can appreciate them for what they truly are.

A luxury watch will normally feature a mechanical movement. A mechanical movement can consist of hundreds of tiny components. These tiny parts are then intricately assembled to create a fully functioning engine that keeps incredible accuracy. If this isn’t impressive, what is? And to then wear this on your wrist, knowing how much time and craftsmanship has gone into it, makes it something truly special that not many other objects can compare with.

Actually, if you think about it, a luxury watch is a more rational purchase than expensive paintings. You look at the watch more often, it actually serves the concrete purpose of looking good, but it also enhances your style and looks good on you.

6. It can work as a symbol of achievement

As mentioned earlier, finally buying a luxury watch that you have aspired to buy and own for a long time can be an achievement in itself. But the fact is that many people also buy a luxury watch to celebrate and commemorate an achievement. Since you buy the luxury watch to celebrate and commemorate something, it gets a special meaning for you. This gives it a special meaning to yourself -a much greater meaning than just the watch alone.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 wristshot

Furthermore, because a luxury watch is a quality object that can last for generations, it makes it even more special as it can be passed down to the generations, and the story of the watch and how it was bought can be told.

There is a reason why Rolex has the slogan ”A crown for every achievement”.

7. Luxury watches are beautiful

Great resources have been invested in designing a watch. It’s not only the craftsmanship that has gone into it but the actual design of the watch. Each and every single detail has been carefully thought-out and has been intricately finished down to the tiniest details.

A watch is also beautiful from a design standpoint, and because of the wide variety, of designs and models, you can be sure that you will find one you will like. A cheap watch tells the time, but a luxury watch will make you forget that you were looking at your watch to tell the time.


With all of this said, why should you buy a luxury watch? The value of a luxury watch does not lie in the fact that it tells the time. But those who only see a watch as a means of telling the time fail to see the value of a luxury watch.

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  1. You made a good point that I should find the passion for craftsmanship when it comes to buying luxury watching. I’ve been thinking about buying some vintage watches in the future because I think they can be quite the addition to my jewelry collection. That might also be a good gateway for me to start looking into buying antiques.

  2. Investing in a luxury watch might be exactly what my father would like to do now that he’s settling down. This way, he can have a piece that he feels proud of and if he wants to let someone inherit it, it will still retain its value. I’ll definitely look around for any jewelry store that have luxury watches that I can look into as a gift to my father.

    1. Sounds like a geat idea! Thanks for sharing!

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      Millenary Watches

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